1. R

    What's the use of cloaking backlinks to index with url shorteners?

    Hello! I'm desperately looking for solutions to bulk index backlinks. I was told, recently, by a seasoned seo that I should shorten my backlinks (with tools like tinyurl or rebrandly) before I try to index them. It should make the difference. It doesnt make any sense to me, technically. Have you...
  2. Guybrushthepirate

    Sudden increase in "Crawled ‐ currently not indexed" URLs

    As per the title of the thread: suddenly a number of URLs that were previously indexed are now marked in the Google Search Console as "Crawled - currently not indexed". The content is unique and good quality (over 1,000 words, with videos, images and proper internal link). It started right...
  3. I

    image indexation/ranking problem in google image

    Hi BHWs people, i have an image-based site so image ranking is impotant for my trafic results it's not an image gallery site. It is an interior design and home decoration blog site that have text and images the site was in blogger then i imigrate it to wordpress, i do well in web SERPs but i...
  4. Ilia

    Indexation Problem (Discovered - currently not indexed)

    Hi mates, I've got a problem or maybe not:) So i registered a new domain name in Feb 2021 for my client, and in March I begun publishing articles (30 articles per month). All articles are 100% unique. Till May everything was fine, only 5 articles got Discovered - currently not indexed status...
  5. T

    The Ultimate Log File Analysis Checklist

    Web log files provide SEOs with invaluable data! Here's a 21 point checklist of configurations to check for. This checklist is designed for all kinds of SEOs who aspire to improve the website’s visibility, increase site’s indexation, and boost organic traffic at the end of the day. This...
  6. J

    Do you know this indexer:

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy an indexing membership at I've searched for comments here, but haven't found much reviews for that company. It has very good prices and that is what caught my attention. Does anyone know that indexer, and how was the experience?
  7. michiosha1

    Self-indexing web 2.0

    I need pages (may have low pa/da, for t2/3) that get indexed without help of indexing services. Ideally something easy to post like or I've been looking on this forum, but couldn't find such list, they contain just info if it's no-follow or do-follow. What's most important...
  8. K

    Huge Site Indexation Problem

    I have a big site consisting of more than 5k pages that is only around 200 pages are indexed in google, I have the sitemap submitted in the search console but it doesn't seem to make any difference, how can I fix that? is the only way through manually submitting every URL in the url inspector tool?
  9. Power Booster


    Hello Guys, I am offering free indexation service to all the members of BHW. Everyone is allowed to send me their links to get them index. Each member is allowed maximum 100 links, so that every member can get their links indexed. I have tested this software and it works great and index links...
  10. shaggy99

    Why do you have to wait a few weeks after you make a backlink, until you will see an improvement ?

    Why do you have to wait a few weeks after you make a backlink, until you will see an improvement in SERP? Is that the time for indexing the backlink, or Google still needs a few weeks until they do modifications after the indexation? If you index your backlink in 2 days, do you still had to...
  11. Ilia

    Can blocking a website in USA affect the traffic?

    Hi mates, I have a problem. I've blocked my website in USA (when users in USA click on my site they see just a blank page) but it seems that it affects my traffic. For 8 months I see almost 0 improvements in my traffic. I have strong links and good content but almost no traffic. With other...
  12. R

    i Need Help - How to Index Social Media URLs

    Hello everyone, i need help - How to Index Social Media URLs like facebook fan page Url, Google+ post Url, stumbleupon, reddit, tumblr, plurk, or image sites like, imgur, mediafire, 23hq, flickr anf many more. i have a long list of urls like this. document submissions, PPT. etc etc. some...
  13. I

    Listing Indexed Pages In Excel

    I have a site that's migrating and completely changing navigation. It has really good organic traffic so naturally I'm trying to be extra careful I don't screw that up. I want to make sure I get all the indexed pages and do a 301 redirect for each. I know you can pull the first 1000 listings...
  14. J

    scrapebox vs gsa ser: index check

    When I create tier2 backlinks with GSA SER I usually verify them once, then check their indexation status with GSA SER, and Scrapebox; finally submit the ones not indexed to another indexing service. What I noticed is that GSA SER returns a much higher percentage of indexed backlinks than SB...
  15. G

    Need your advice: Deindexation and Indexation of two similar websites

    Hi folks So here's the thing: One of our clients recently relaunched two of their online shops. These shops are very similar to each other, however, they target a difference audience and sell slightly different products (shop 1 sells perfume, eau de toilette etc., shop 2 only sells perfume etc...
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