image indexation/ranking problem in google image


Jan 17, 2021
Hi BHWs people, i have an image-based site so image ranking is impotant for my trafic results
it's not an image gallery site. It is an interior design and home decoration blog site that have text and images
the site was in blogger then i imigrate it to wordpress, i do well in web SERPs but i have a problem in google image results

My problem is that google image show just one of my images in each keywoord even if other images are indexed (i find them when i search with the article title)

Just for exemple: best sport cars images
even if we assume that i ranked #1 in web results for this keywoord google show just one of my Dozens of pictures in the article that i ranked with.
The injustice here that google don't do that for my competitors even if i do what i have to do with image optimisation like :
webp - image alt - compression ...ext

So please :weep: can any one help me with suggestions to solve this problem
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