1. A


  2. W

    What type of blogs receives most traffic?

    I am starting a blog and plan to monetize it with advertisements. So, I need to know what are some niches (legal / illegal) that receives the most traffic? and what ad networks should I use for them?
  3. deedee1whoa

    Is this the weirdest Instagram account you've ever seen?

    Some sick f*ck is posting violent videos, mostly of children. There's pornography, child pornography, raping animals, and surely some other sick content I couldn't even watch. He's already got a back-up account ready but, looks like this one is going...
  4. P

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on?

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on? Hi so I was banned on a site called redbubble about 2 years ago. So I signed up again on a different IP address. All they want when you sign up is your address, first and last name, country, and PayPal email. I used a fake name...
  5. Futa

    Illegal clicks in CPA?

    If I use rdp to fill out CPA email or forms or surveys, is it going to pay me?
  6. letuvis

    is it illegal?

    Hey guys! Just trying to do smth good and very fast & easy for a start and wondering if I would sell a T-shirts with designs from google on them. Like downloading vectors from free sites and put those designs on them. This would be illegal or not? What kind of attribution it should be that I...
  7. I

    Is there a way to use donation on illegal streaming website beside cryptocurrency ?

    Is there a way to use donation on illegal streaming website beside cryptocurrency ?
  8. Haraki

    Is it illegal to scrape websites? US court says NO

    Good things come in three's (or something like that) but two's good for me this time. Read on for peace of mind. 1. Is scraping illegal if it's against the web sites TOS? Court says NO. Last month a legal case took place in a US court where four professors plus a media organization sued...
  9. ayumipie

    The Grim HR 1865. USA and will ripple accross the globe.

    On the 11th April trump signed in the HR 1865. Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 Here is most of the dire situation/fallout in a fairly up to date document. The new law...
  10. Ecodor

    Is leggal doing fake CPA?

    Can you get in trouble for doing fake CPA like giveaways, giftcards and games generators?
  11. J

    Is black hat marketing illegal?

    I'm thinking about starting an instagram + OGads journey, but I am wondering if this method is illegal? .. Thanks!
  12. mattoflawrence

    Locking another CPA offers or illegal content with OGAds

    Hi to all! I'm just trying my ways with OGAds and some questions appeared. And I ask for your experience. I think about two methods now: 1) Locking Maxbounty offers with OGAds content locker. 2) Locking illegal content, say movies (for downloads). Is this the best way to get ban from OGAds...

    New speaker added to the lineup

    Rickard Vikström, founder of @InternetVikings has joined our lineup of speakers in Las Vegas! He'll be speaking about how the most aggressive and illegal SEO strategies are done and the money the can bring in!
  14. P

    Copyrighted Movies/Series Streaming Site RISKS

    Hello everyone. I always wanted to start a movies/series streaming site, maybe several sites, as this is an interesting niche plus it probably brings tons of money. However I'm wonderin about the risks. I see thousands of illegal streaming sites that have been here for years whitout being...
  15. L

    Are there any offshore video hosting services that don't have a problem with copyrighted material?

    I'm looking for a video hosting service that I can upload videos to and embed them to my website with no problem. Thanks
  16. M

    illegal to post reviews?

    hey bhw! just got a brief question from a noob. is it illegal to post fake reviews and them make a profit from the product your making commission off of? so like maybe a weight loss product then setting up clickbank then making a website with before and after pics? just wanted to get some...
  17. I

    Making money through porn website, LEGAL?? or ILLEGAL??

    Hi all, Hope you all are making good money :) Is Health niche still profitable ? I am planning to build a website in health niche, through white hat techniques only Ny comments?
  18. P

    Is it legal to use ADDMEFAST on my youtube video, or it can get me banned?!

    As you can read in the title, my question is is it legal to get likes, shares, tweets, and subscribers with addmefast or youtube can get my video banned, flagged orrr anything like that with it? I need a proper answer! I hope someone out there can help me out with this :)
  19. A

    Need Help Website Extortion Former SEO Illegal Redirect...Is this Legal?? HELP

    I hired an individual (not a firm) to handle the SEO for my website, I am not SEO savvy. The guy was doing an ok job but would only get me ranked on 1 key word + after the recent Google Update my site disappeared he didn't even know this I had to call him and draw his attention to this, I pay...
  20. M

    Good, cheap shared hosting for a newbie doing adult / heavy blackhat?

    Hello. I'm new to IM. I'm wondering what host would offer the best package for me. Sites I plan to host will probably include adult content(possibly incest), dating offers, locked content, etc. I don't have a huge budget or huge needs for that matter, since I am just starting out. The main thing...
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