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  1. J

    Help me to increase Instagram followers and promotions

    Hi, I am new here. I have a Instagram old aged account but facing problem for increasing followers, promotions also. It is old aged like 9 years,only have 400+ followers. Kindly suggest me how to do legit promotions.
  2. driulis

    Instagram Accounts - Handmade/AI Made

    Are you looking for quality Instagram accounts? Look no further. I am happy to offer accounts created with: iPhone App + 4G mobile data + Yahoo Why are these accounts a good choice? I'm glad you asked. There are multiple threads on how to make your own Instagram accounts. They explain how to...
  3. rksama

    IG Verification is now piece of cake

    So something is seriously going wrong with IG verification check just today I was surfing through telegram and some random guy drops two account username they were j****test3 (https://prnt.sc/st5lb7) and j****test6 (https://prnt.sc/st5jqt ). After 2-3 minutes he also posted passwords (MAAAD...
  4. rksama

    Auto DM To HashTag

    Hey! I want to do a specific task. Whenever there is a new post added to a specific hashtag(Eg. #IG). I want to DM that account for a specific message. So, Do you think JARVEE is good for this task or you have any other bot in mind? Please Suggest.
  5. J Lyrix

    IG IP address hack for more engagement

    Hey there. I am a rapper who needs help boosting my IG account. Somebody recently showed me a hack where it involves the IP address if im not mistaken. He refuses to tell me though lol. I also think he uses a separate account to post that helps in some way. Im not sure if its through stories...
  6. andro320

    How to revive an old instagram account

    Hey guys I would need some help in reviving an account in men fashion niche. Here is the ig: @men.fashion.life If you have any tips or suggestions please leave them in the comments. How could I brand my account and how can I get likes and engagement back up? Does anyone have a good Instagram...
  7. lebumcrimp

    Help me grow my IG page or have an IG page for sale?

    Hi there, I'm doing a marathon next year and will be raising money/awareness for charity. I'm looking for someone to either help me grow my current personal page or someone selling an instagram page. Ideally a fitness page although certain other niches I might be able to put a spin on to use to...
  8. draco02

    What can instagram find out with your IP-adress?

    What possibilities does instagram have to identify a user? Location? What else? Is that all? If you have a 4G connection, what Location will they see? The datacenter of the mobile internet provider or your location? Because when i do ip location test with my mobile data plan on, it says im...
  9. nuxli

    I'm doing everything but getting nowhere.. What's wrong??

    I upload content daily, stories twice maybe three times, I like & comment on other people's photos in the same hashtag I use, but I still get nowhere. My followr count is stagnating; I get a few followers, i lose a few. What am I doing wrong, not enough or should be doing instead of what I'm...
  10. micleclark

    Story View Safe Limit?

    What do you recommend "Story View Safe Limit" on Jarvee? I'm currently viewing 1k/day without having any issue. But i would like to increase it. Can you please recommend me Story View Safe Limit from your experience? Thanks in Advanced Micle
  11. 007accs

    ✅⚛️Fresh, Grown, Aged, Custom Niche ❤️INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS❤️ for SALE [Starting at 0.15$ per acc]⚛️✅

    ⚛️ WHAT IS THIS SERVICE? ⚛️ Are you tired of creating your own IG accounts and spending days figuring how to do it without getting blocks/bans/PVs etc.? This is the place for you. I can provide custom niche created accounts depending on your needs. How I do it? You will tell me your desired...
  12. micleclark

    Instagram login issue in Jarvee!

    Hay guys, have you guys experience this kinds issue. I can't login instagram in jarvee using API. But i can login using embedded browser but can't valid it. Every time it says "We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt" i click this was me but still i can't valid it. Overtime it says, this account...
  13. micleclark

    Can't login in Jarvee! Anyone facing This issue?

    Hay, today i can't login any account in jarvvee using API but i can login in EB as well as Browse. Anyone facing this issue?
  14. micleclark

    Reply to story after view, Account Banned!

    Hay guys, Have you guys ever experience like that "Reply to story after view", my account got banned :( I just reply some emoji like "❤️ | | " Are you guys use this feature in jarvee? Let me know guys or recommend me to use this feature SAFE setting.
  15. Lord_jaacob

    Need social media guru for my Instagram account

    Hi, looking to pay someone with skills and experience to consistently boost my Instagram likes, follows, views, impressions & engagements. Someone who can provide TOP quality followers and likes. Please contact me with your rates. Thank you in Advance
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