1. T

    What are your thoughts on this website idea?????

    I want to ask for an opinion on whether it is a good idea to create a website like The Odin Project, but in Serbian. However, to first learn what the Internet is and other basics, then digital marketing and then programming, and to put some affiliate links but generally everything should be...
  2. U

    Developer seeking ideas to create an app that can assist the niche

    Hello all! As a long-time developer, I'm looking to venture into the online marketing ecosystem. As an application developer, I'm curious to know: what kind of app ideas are missing in this niche that you would like to see? Whether it's a SaaS or desktop app, I can build them all. I'm...
  3. S

    Public computers?

    I was thinking, what would happen if you just went to like a big tech store for example and search for your video on the computers there, then let them play in full? Wouldnt that make your video rank for that keyword? Anyone tried this? Any thoughts?
  4. VlK6

    Making money by bulk dumping music.

    I just found this website, im not very experienced as you guys, but I came up with this idea that i dont know how to execute. I'm very good at music production, i can produce different genres like EDM, Lofi, Techno and generic trap/hiphop beats. tried making a beat youtube channel but the...
  5. Norman_drey

    Profitable business to invest online

    wanna start a website online that clients/customers will be paying me every month or week I don't really have wild taught rn I was thinking of web hosting company bur is not that profitable for beginners Your suggestions are welcome. I just need a website idea that'll fetch me money aside Ads...
  6. M

    Any idea of how to monetise this big community

    Hi i have Instagram account In which i share content about business, marketing , entrepreneurship I got alot of real followers about 14k in short period of time and the account growing really fast I want to earn some cash from this account so any idea ? Much appreciated
  7. Sky Max

    Any idea to put thousnds of facebook account into something useful ?

    Hello everyone I have many Facebook accounts, some of them have like 5000 friends they are all real people I have no idea how to put them in use I don't know if I should create a group or do something with them however, they are North African accounts, so it's a little bit hard to do something...
  8. Nancy224

    What Are Some Ideas To Make Your Brand More Popular In The Market?

    The field of electronic is a kind of field that is not only lucrative, but I must say that electronic products and this industry is actually work trillions of dollars in the market. There are many popular electronic brands in the market such as SamSung, LG, Phillips, Toshiba, etc. these are some...
  9. Casper_T

    [Idea Validation] Digital goods selling platforms aggregator search engine

    Hello dear members of BHW, Just recently I have started using one of digital goods selling platforms out there in the market. You know - creating account, then creating shops and adding virtual products. Then I just checked whether these product links are being indexed by Google and saw that...
  10. K

    How to invest 2000 $

    So i live in the Balkans and working two jobs i saved 2000 $, i am thinking of opening and ecom story , probably dropshipping from an USA supplier. finished the Beast of Ecommerce course , and it gave me a lot of insight. You think it is a good idea ecommerce in general and dropshipping from the...
  11. H

    Make Money With Newsletter Subscription. Is it a good idea?

    Hey legends, I have an idea and I think some of you can make really good money out of it. The idea is so simple, rather than collecting emails and then send value and then try to make your subscribers buy something. We will make an email newsletter where users can pay a monthly subscription so...
  12. S

    Any product ideas?

    Tell me every stupid product idea you have :/
  13. F

    im lazy af - 2k investment -

    been on this site for well over a decade an haven't posted shit.. just tell me what to do with 2k 10% daily gains perfect...
  14. C


    So basically the YouTube Rules dosen't allow users to upload videos contening artificial voice/text to speech , because it's considered as a "SPAM" . But I heard about this website "CONTENT SAMURAI" , where you can make a slideshow video with some text and an artificial voiceover . The voice...
  15. JohnyMSF

    Give me million dollar idea

    I am looking for something real, actually build something. I am good in technical stuff but everybody think I am more business guy. (How I dress, talk etc.) So I understand both worlds... Now I am seeking for an idea. Something that you can build company on. (any scale, from 50K to 1M - just at...
  16. B

    Thoughts on a Potential Ambient Music YouTube Idea

    This is a low-effort thing. Not quite automated but near as dammit. I wanted to get your opinions on whether it seems worth that low effort. So here's the plan. "Ambient Music" channels are pretty popular. I've found myself using them a lot recently while I hammer out endless writing gigs...
  17. Nour47eddine

    How about this idea? what should I do?

    Hello everyone first of all, I'm actually very honored to write this thread and put my question here in front of the IM elites, truly this forum never ceases to amaze since 2011 when I first found it :) So, I saw someone offering his website for sale and after scoping over it's analytics...
  18. TeslaFan

    Ideas needed: What Can I sell to small busineses on monthly for relatively passive income?

    I’m looking for some ideas to generate some monthly income, but I want it to be as passive as possible and I want to bill every month automatically. I have tried to start and agency and sell SEO and failed. I’m hoping someone will come up with a bright idea here to help me. I think I can email...
  19. kyuaisu

    Cryptocurrency has the potential to transform every aspect of investment management

    We're in a tough economic climate and the dream job you want might not be available for the next few years. I am currently developing an alternative economic system and would love to know how you think about it. The idea was to provide an ecosystem where economic activity can happen in it...
  20. E

    Youtube in 3th world country,any ideas?

    hello,im in a 3th world country(EU,Croatia)....every trend what is going on in america is coming to croatia in next 5-10 years,like youtube (pranks as vitaly doing,challenges,wanna be mr.beast with 300 bucks,wannabe pewdiepie) this is a country where youtube is now going very hard and u can...
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