1. AlphaRacks

    5 Techniques to increase your traffic

    Traffic really matters for all bloggers and everyone wants to enjoy high traffic on website. I am going to share 5 tactics which can prove helpful for you to drive more fruitful traffic. Get the services from a a professional content writer who can influence others by creative writing. Share...
  2. H

    The best guide for writing post-hummingbird content ever.

    I came across this by accident when I was reading Jacob King's blog and he mentioned this guy. It makes perfect sense and I am going to try this today with a motherload of new articles. Worst that could happen is that I have a lot of new articles. I love it when people take the time to go...
  3. A

    Manual Penalty VS Algorithmic Penalty

    I have one question about manual penalties vs algo penalties. For manual penalties it's all clear, someone inspected your website and marked it as spam and you either got deindex or your rankings dropped a lot. But with Penguin or Hummingbird penalties, how does it actually work? Is it a...
  4. pulkitseo

    how to target keywords after humming bird update

    Well I was thinking of starting a thread how to target keywords after the google humming bird update...\ Everyone knows we have to use long tail keywords..but question is how to target them in directories and bookmarking how to get exact primary keyword on rank and how to see which long tail...
  5. L

    My site, currently only source of income, suddenly gets 1/10th of traffic

    Hello, I have a site in dutch. For years I have been ranked very high (mostly 1st rank in google) on good quality keywords. I've been able to support my wife and 2 kids with it :) It allowed me to work on it and other ideas. It's a clean online business guide. I haven't done much SEO on it...
  6. calebmann

    Hummingbird and Semantic Search Explanation.

    This video describes precisely how to approach the new hummingbird update as well as semantic search. Very useful information for website owners and SEO specialists. Get what you can out of this fantastic video, there is great information! (It's always easier to watch something then read...
  7. pk_69

    [NEW] Hummingbird Titles Suggestion Service

    Impact of recently announced Google's major algo update codenamed hummingbird on SEO is still to be discovered in full, but there are more and more evidence that Google gives preference to question / suggestion type of pages. RankWyz launched today simple service that should help internet...
  8. randybishop

    Panguin Tool: See how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your website

    This awesome tool connects with your Google Analytics account to help you see if and when you've been hit by Google Algorithm updates.
  9. Slakpahana

    Is google update kill our rank ?

    Google updated So i saw some blog posts this will affect to SEO.What's your idea ?
  10. B

    Fuck You Google, we are off to Bing

    The short story is a person (not my client) was hit badly by Hummingbird. This was his message to google: How I know this is that he is a friend of a friend. Trust me you have never seen angry until you have seen him angry! He was absolutely LIVID when most of his keyword ranking disappeared...
  11. Scritty

    5 Early Soft Conclusions And Opportunities With Penguin 2.1

    By soft conclusion I'm saying that their is a great deal more detail to be added. The absolute nuggets of truth. What percentage of this and what keyword mix of the other... down to precision levels is something I just don't know. It's going to take a major study by people like the guys at...
  12. M

    Anyone's website ranking dropped today. All my keywords vanished today!!

    Hi, Anyone notice any changes to their website rankings today. all my keywords were ranking about 8 keywords and none of them are found today like vanished from serp. is it google dance or can it be that the new update affected my site. I thought i wouldn't be affected my the update as i was...
  13. S

    What are the affects of new Google updates?

    Hello Friends, My Keywords ranking has fall down in Google, and I don't know whats the problem. I think the problem is due to new updates from Google. Please suggest me some solutions for this .. Thanks in advance..
  14. WrightWilliams

    Your predictions for when we will hit around 100% Not Provided

    My prediction: We will begin hovering around 100% Not-Provided in regards to keywords by November 28th, 2013, I would say there will be a month or so following that before Google releases a PR regarding it's move towards the semantic web and how this applies to the Hummingbird update...
  15. Ghoztseo

    Google New Algorithm Works!!! HummingBird

    Hello guys today i got a email from a person he is my cousin at all so he said today "Google" introducing a new algorithm that is "Hummingbird" and my one of .blogspot suddenly getting some 15-30 pageviews. usually it's get 1-5 unique views btw i realized something happened with my blogsite...
  16. M

    Hummingbird Clone - TwitterGetter, what other features would you like to see

    I am currently writing a Hummingbird Clone called TwitterGetter. It currently has all the features that Hummingbird has and I am writing a Mass DMer (that will use the WebBrowser object not the api so yo don't hit limits) & a auto follow based on results. I am thinking of...
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