http and https

  1. j3ffb3z0s

    Reverse engineering Reddit's mobile API

    So I want to reverse engineer the mobile API of the social media platform Reddit and I’m just wondering if you guys have any tips for me if there is anyone here with any kind of experience with doing something similar to this. I’ve been doing some tests and I feel like it’s going to be pretty...
  2. theASocks

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  3. LatestPhoneZone

    Why is traffic still going to the https and http version of my site?

    Can some explain why the HTTPS and HTTP version of my website keep getting different stats, even after redirecting to HTTPS?
  4. dieuetlefer

    300$ for help me with a http request..

    Hello I really need a developper to help me to finish my project. So I give 300$ to help me to link a google account to another services programatically (Nodejs Axios / Fetch / request). I recept every request from ios mobile phone with CharlesProxy but I not able to end my job. If you are able...
  5. Shishir325

    Need Bulk Http Low Costing Proxy

    I have a weblog account creating bot ... But I need a Provider that gives me a high-speed HTTP proxy on a daily based. I need a new HTTP Proxy every day that can be used once. if any provider provides me low-cost daily-based proxy please contact ..... s-k-y p ----- same as my user name
  6. Davegnima

    HELP: expired domain with HTTP and www. How to restore or redirect it correctly?

    Hi, I just bought and expired domain that was live with only http and www. domain version. It has nice backlinks to inner posts so I want to recreate some of them in WordPress and keep link juice. How can I redirect specific old urls (http and www) to new ones (https and non www)? Do I need to...
  7. imonboss

    My SSL is Expired. Site is back to http mode. How would Google Treat?

    So, one of my sites is back to its primitive http mode due to the expiration of the ssl cert. I am wondering if google will treat my site differently from now on. When I say that, I mean would i get less ranking? There will a mixtures of http and https version of my sites in google index? If i...
  8. cynical07


    i accidentally change http to https on wordpress site. Now it said it refused to connect and also can't login on wordpress admin. how can i solve this problem? Please help. Thank you
  9. PianoMan

    ⭐⭐ - $0.25 per Proxy | HTTP/S & SOCKS5 | Semi-Dedicated | Special 15% BHW OFFER ⭐⭐

    FAQ Q. When will the proxies be delivered? A. The proxies will be delivered and activated instantly, right after your order. Q. Is username and password authorization supported? A. No, at this time we only offer IP authorization. Q. Are these proxies residential? A. No, they are not. Q. Do...
  10. N

    [python3]remove whitespaces from json requests post body?

    Im trying to imitate http request i sniffed both requests with charlesproxy and they are indentical unless the Content-Length header + body whitespaces data=["Machine gun Kelly23","123456789","2.29.0"] after thath response ='', json=data)...
  11. G

    fast and that support udp

    Hi guys. I am looking for a proxy or vpn should also have the ability to make changes to ip manually, preferably by API and have good speed 15 Mb / s stable, as a minimum. Does anyone know any service that suits these needs?
  12. IG Pro

    [Help] HTTP - HTTPS Godaddy - Wordpress

    Hey everyone, first thing first, i would like to say, that i am totally newbie in website settings so i apologize if i ask you twice on same thing. Thank you for understanding. Recently i have bought domain at Godaddy (Included: .com Domain registartion + Full Domain Privacy and Protection +...
  13. Anna Barley

    If I'm change HTTP to HTTPS , Is it effect my SEO ?

    How many days update HTTP to HTTPS from google search result
  14. Ben Thomas

    Google Chrome Marking Websites HTTPs Secure or not

    Hi there, Yesterday, I got found a security update from Google that it's web browser Google Chrome has been begun marking websites as per HTTPs and secure HTTP metrics. Hope everyone already have idea for this. I searched again on some informative sites and found this article about Google...
  15. Ricostrong

    Free socks ver.4/5 enjoy | 0.144 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked | 0.579 | SOCKS5 | Hessen | 09079 | | Germany | Checked | 0.705 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | Germany |...
  16. RSocks

    ⭐️Over 10 MILLION IPs ⭐️4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and DC proxies by - 24/7 Support ⭐️-30% for BHW⭐️

  17. MatthewGraham

    The Freemasons Created 301 Redirect Best Practices: Google 302s HTTP to HTTPs

    In Google's official Search Console Help documentation for webmasters, it is stated that the "best practices when implementing HTTPS" recommend that webmasters "use server-side 301 redirects" and to "redirect [their] users and search engines to the HTTPS page or resource with server-side 301...
  18. Celestial711

    Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions

    After moving a site from http to https and analysing the site with website auditor - it seems that there is duplicate content issues. How can this be solved?
  19. Celestial711

    Rewrite 302 redirect to 301 redirect after switching to https

    I recently moved a site from http to https and then re-directed all my links with this code. It worked and all my links are now redirected to https. I ran an audit with Website Auditor by Link Assistant and it says the site has issues with duplicate http and https and www and non www versions of...
  20. Enzo star

    expired HTTPS domains

    I want to buy a domain which were the juice and trustflow etc were build on https instead of http. I tried to get one but the guy doesnt understand when i tell him to run his expired http domains with his metric tools in the https to check. Is it a good way? Is trustflow and DA can be build on...
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