hosting transfer

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    Which hosting should i choose?

    So my website, is getting around 60-100 UVs from google and I'm getting 10$ from Adsense a month, but usually I also sell one CB product which gets me another 40-60$. My webhosting will expire soon and I could get hosting for 1$ in my country (in Europe) with unlimited traffic and unlimited disk...
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    can somebody help me with this?

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    I have a blog with PR 3 but the infomration has lost, HELP!

    Hello BHWers, I have a blog which has aquired the PR of 3 and suddenly, the person who had the hosting of my blog erased all the information. I had to install a new blog on my own hosting (which is what I had to do at first) but I can't recover the postings, images, links and everything the...
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