I have a blog with PR 3 but the infomration has lost, HELP!


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Feb 3, 2009
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Hello BHWers, I have a blog which has aquired the PR of 3 and suddenly, the person who had the hosting of my blog erased all the information.

I had to install a new blog on my own hosting (which is what I had to do at first) but I can't recover the postings, images, links and everything the previous blog had.

I wouldn't like to lose that PR so what do you recommend?

I was going to say contact your host and ask them to do a restore, but in your case maybe that wouldn't work. Not sure what to tell you on that one. Learn from and ALWAYS have backups of everything locally, including the MySQL databases.
Try archive [dot] org, they keep history of websites - not sure if it's gonna work with yours or not.
You should have made a backup or your previous host might have them. Ask them if they have your backup and reload it.
Get backup plugin for you blogs, have to email you the backup automatically at least 1x/week, or even 1/day if you want to be sure.

And, Why - if I may ask - you don't have a backup of all your images, posts etc on you Own computer?
Would be easier, if you just have a simple HTML site not the stupid blog, I know, but even so you still can have 'raw' files or use the Export feature regularly at your blog if it is WP. I prefer that one anyway whenever I need to move my blog

Anyway, enough of the criticism - yes, it is a good advice, ask the webhost the site was on, they always have backups - hope they will be willing to give it to you.
Thanks you all for your help.

The problem is that I started this blog with the help of a partner, he was hosting it on his server, he has been earning from the adsense revenue, and all the advertising revenue, I must clarify that I was the one who wrote all the content, bought the domain, and came up with the subject of the blog, what he offered is to work on SEO for it, now a year has ended and I asked him to transfer the blog to my servers and he refused.

I should have asked for backups earlier, nothing can be done now I think, my fault.

I am setting up a new blog with the information I can retrieve from google's cache, and posting it as new blog posts, I don't know if it will work but I'll try.

Any idea if this will keep the blog's PR or will google take it as a new blog and take the PR away?
To anwer your question.. it's probably the second answer. Nontheless, im sure you learned something about SEO along the way, and can get this new site at least to it's old position. Good luck!
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