Apr 22, 2015
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So my website, is getting around 60-100 UVs from google and I'm getting 10$ from Adsense a month, but usually I also sell one CB product which gets me another 40-60$.
My webhosting will expire soon and I could get hosting for 1$ in my country (in Europe) with unlimited traffic and unlimited disk data..

Or some cheap us hosting, which will give me probably better boost in SEO, since I'm targeting US? ( Could you post below, what hosting sites, do you use?)

I will probably soon hit page 1 on few kws, but I won't get more than 1k views a day, so some cheap hosting should be still OK?

How do you guys transfer your websites to different host? I have backwpup plugin, is there any easier way for me to do it?

Thanks for help
60-100 UV/sec? If yes, then choose some good dedicated provider like ovh. If less than that, choose digital ocean please. I am an affiliate for them but I don't promote anyone on BHW. So, use google. :)
We can help you out. Our basic shared hosting plan starts at 2.95 a month then you can use the BHW Promo and get 25% off.

As far as migrating your site most web host offer to do this for you for free so you don't have to.
I think he meant per day :)
From experience hosting location doesn't make much difference on SEO, however country level domain does.
You need to manually backup both your database + files and migrate both to new hosting, or you could use plugin like BackupBuddy to do this easily (assuming you use wp).
Well, its not going to do much about SEO. Of course website SPEED is a factor, but if your host is capable enough to serve your website at reliable speed, stick with it and save hassle of transferring it somewhere else...
60-100 UV/sec? If yes, then choose some good dedicated provider like ovh. If less than that, choose digital ocean please. I am an affiliate for them but I don't promote anyone on BHW. So, use google. :)
Oh my bad, i meant is as unique visitorS not per sec /= i wish had that kind of traffic =D
Yes I use WP i will look in to BackupBuddy.

I need to migrate, because I have this site on hostinger, it was one of my first websites and I didn't have backup after they blocked it because I had "too" much traffic for free version, so I've upgraded to get my website back and back it up and now I'm about to expire. From what I'm reading I will probably get the 1$ hosting in my country, because I have most of my sites there and the support speaks in my main language. But I have still two weeks to decide. So I'm still looking for suggestions.

You should better go for an unmanaged VPS with medium spec. as it would be cheap and you can easily get US IP
Check out low cost servers from pirateshosting.net and hosting-marketers.com, their prices are affordable for the webmasters with a tight budget.
Uptime is high and support is online around the clock.
Check OptimaHosting, based in Croatia, great support, prices and uptime.
HostWinds would serve you quite well for a website of that size.

Overall they tend to perform better for sites of all sizes + their prices are good.

Unless your site has illegal or unauthorized content there's no reason you can't start with them.

In terms of other providers BlueHost & DreamHost would both be near competitors.
I strongly believe that you will not regret a thing if you choose plusplushosting.net hosting services.
When I need support, it is quick and takes care of the issue with no attitude. I am not an IT guy so this is important to me.

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Make sure whatever hosting you choose is fast and reliable. A basic HostGator plan or equivalent should be more than adequate for your needs at this point.
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