web hosting

  1. H

    Looking for off-shore hosting NO rules

    I am looking for a hosting provider (and preferably domain register too) to host a website that sells pharmacy products and a website that sells research chemicals. Lots of off-shore / anonymous providers but in their ToS they state that they do not accept any illegal content. Anybody tips...
  2. Dor87

    Looking for a Cheap VPS for a first-timer

    I can write websites from scratch, I may be able to administer a server on my own, hence why I'd like to get a VPS. I don't need a GUI, I wouldn't mind if I had to install the OS myself. I have bought some domain names on NameCheap in the past. I've never hosted a website other than...
  3. rainmaker2221


    Hey guys, please, I need your recommendation for a cheap web hosting source to buy a .com domain for very cheap or use a working discount coupon to buy for cheap. And also, the one that accepts crypto payments too. Please note, i know namecheap and hostinger. Thank you as you drop the bomb! :)...
  4. massgod


    NEXT GENERATION VIRTUAL SERVERS FOR YOU Your cloud server is set up, adjusted and software/tool you want to use is delivered ready for you. You can also choose OS you want. >> NO NEED TO PAY EXTRA FOR WINDOWS OR OTHER OS! << Alma Linux 8, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, Debian 8, Debian 10, Debian 11...
  5. okagoogle

    Seeking Guidance for Starting a Web Hosting Business from Scratch

    Hello BHW community, I'm excited to be back in the web hosting game! In the past, I ran a successful web hosting business as a reseller. However, this time around, I'm determined to dive deeper into the industry and build my hosting empire from the ground up. I've decided to use my own...
  6. eatingMemory

    Loominost.com - cPanel Unlimited SSD Web Hosting | Litespeed & Softaculous | 50% Lifetime OFF ALL Plans

    Loominost.com Are you looking for a reliable web hosting service that offers lightning-fast speed, unlimited storage space, and exceptional performance? Look no further! Loominost.com is here to provide you with an unbeatable web hosting experience. Why Loominost? cPanel Control Panel...

    Anyone know some free web hosting or ways to do this?

    As the title says i wanna host my own webhosting. I use my windows server and xampp and i like it alot i use visual studio to code when i have time. But i want it in the cloud to reach it via phone and such to test it. Any ways to get windows xampp for free. the server can be really slow i...
  8. sumonships

    Web hosting and Email hosting

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and seen lots of expert's here. Please suggest me best hosting for my company website. I will host 4/5 website and send cold email and receive emails. I have tried bluehost, namecheap and Zoho. I need good service provider for my company. I sent 200-400 email per day...
  9. Carol Andrei

    Need advice for server specs

    Im hosting a porn website from my old PC, it was fine at first but as the site grew videos are not loading, i want to build a dedicated server, need advice for a server for like 500 users watching videos simultaneously, and no, i dont want to use AWS or other. The videos are averaging in size...
  10. CyberCommander

    best domain hoster for adult domains?

    Hi guys Whats the best domain hoster for adult domains? I used many years https://www.mrdomain.com but they make now problems
  11. CyberCommander

    best web hosting in the UK/USA - results from 2022

    Hi guys Today i found a very interesting blog post from the year 2022. Maybe it help your decision^^ https://www.webwhim.co.uk/how-to-select-the-best-wordpress-hosting-providers-for-uk-business/ not all informations in the blog post are up to date (stablepoint use now OVH, MechanicWeb dont use...
  12. sladki03

    [Question] SEO Friendly Wordpress Web Hosting / Server Configuration - Is it real?

    Hello BHW! I heard that there are some configuration can be set in wordpress hosting or server that allow googlebot to crawl our sites more easily and frequently, and ultimately makes our website more easily to rank up on SERP. and this kind of server configuration is what those hosting...
  13. 7

    Optimizing Global Image-based Website Performance: Exploring CDN Solutions and SEO Strategies

    Hello all, i am in the process of creating an international website that will mainly display various images. Since hopefully visitors from all over the world will access the website, I am wondering where and how I should host the website? What would be the best option for me? Does it make...
  14. speedie

    Under-utilizing my server

    Hey guys, I have only used 2GB of 600GB disk space of my SSD. The server has 16GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth as an unmanaged Linux Ubuntu VPS. What I sell are digital products and services on one website. How can I use this server to its full potential? I mean some autopilot shit that earns...
  15. hazzi

    Staying anonymous when hosting a site ??

    Is there a way to stay anonymous in a way that people won’t be able to check who the owner of the site is ?
  16. Vido900

    Host Koala. Cheap Web Hosting. Any experience?

    I need hosting for a small project and would like to know if anyone has or had a WordPress site on host koala servers?
  17. Tube Agency

    Contabo Web Hosting | Your experience?

    Hi, I'm looking for a new web hosting and saw great talks about Contabo VPS servers, but I'm wondering how is their web hosting? I'm looking to get WEBSPACE PACKAGE M. What's your experience with it?
  18. Visual1337

    Have you ever used one of these hostings? (linveo, warpline, hydronhosting)

    Read the title, have you ever used any of them? If yes, please tell me your experience!
  19. Visual1337

    Cheap WebHosting (with mysql remote access)

    Hello, I search a cheap web hosting that supports mysql remote access, hostkoala does not support mysql remote access. AlexHost Support says it supports however it does not. It should be Direct Admin or cPanel 10€/year. Thanks.
  20. sladki03

    Web Hosting from Cloudflare

    Hi, I use builtwith.com to check a guest posting site's web hosting provider and found that it is using Cloudflare Hosting (screenshot below) Does anyone had the experience to use Cloud Hosting? Did they provided wordpress hosting? Because the guest posting site is using wordpress web builder...
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