hosting advice

  1. Roger Marquez

    LiteSpeed vs 1.5gb of RAM

    When it comes to hosting what is actually faster? LiteSpeed or a 1.5gb of RAM? Im not a tech guy and im trying to browse the internet looking for some enlightment bu can´t find anything. Thoughts?
  2. C

    Shared of Business SSD hosting with 24-7 host?

    I have 29 domains and I estimate they’ll be up in a two days. Another 30 in 2-3 months. Which hosting plan do you recommend? Would business SSD be overkill? Im using XWPThemes, KenPlayer, and KenImporter Pro Plugin. Regards, CB
  3. Roger Marquez

    Hosting Service Question

    If you had to spend $50 for 1 year of hosting service...What hosting service provider would you choose? Take into account that im mostly going to be doing affiliate marketing. Particulaty promoting CPA offers through one-page landing pages . So im just getting started and don´t know the amount...
  4. xxxnikolka

    Python Django hosting for adult content

    Hello guys, I am going to finish my tube porn site using django framework. I want to have easy time with deploying. I usually use as hosting for other projects. So I decided to ask them what is their attitude concerning adult content. They responded that they are fine, but...
  5. Enockz

    I Need to renew domain and hosting urgently

    (Newbie):) I have been using Godaddy for my website, got good deals when i joined but now prices are going up and i cant afford that.:( -My plan expires in about a week -I have $20 -I wish to transfer my domain to somewhere i can renew cheaper -And Get hosting for a year -Be able to host at...
  6. I

    Streaming website video ads / Hosting

    I am looking for services that do video ads like the ones with youtube (5sec - 20sec skip), even for illegal streaming websites. Also looking for a Hosting (VPS / Dedicated) for the website price range 100$- 140$: minimum specs : CPU : 3 - 4 cores RAM : 4-8GB HDD : (6 - 8TB) (fast) Bandwidth...
  7. Maverick1111

    After changing the hosting Alexa Ranking is dropping like hell.

    Hello, I recently changed websites hosting from SiteGround to GoCreateMe, Since last year Alexa ranking was stable or increasing every day, after changing the hosting Alexa ranking is dropping every day like hell, shall anyone explain why this is happening, please? Thanks. Migrated to Shared...
  8. nabilox

    Hosting game hack landing page

    Hi ! hope all of you are fine please can you recommended me a good hosting for my landing page, ( game hack niche ) ! and which type of hosting is best for game hack niche ?? what the factors you must look for it when you choose a hosting for a game hack landing page?? thanks in advance
  9. CMG

    Noob asking for help

    Hi, guys. I'll begin with apologizing. I'm not sure where to post this. After a while, I finally learned how to make my own landing page with HTML and CSS. I did not make anything fancy, but I'd still like to test it out. My problem is that I don't know where to host it or how to. I tried to...
  10. andy1456

    [Need Help] Best Hosting Services for PBN

    Hi, I need to know where to host your PBNs keeping in mind the following : 1] Secure 2] Reliable 3] Scalable 4] Cheap How are services like
  11. Maverick1111

    Is migrating hosting will hurt DA/PA?

    HI brothers, I have my WordPress site hosted on siteground, and now I am migrating it either to free hosting or shared hosting, My question is migrating will hurt DA/PA of site
  12. Maverick1111

    looking fore cheapest hosting available.

    I have a small site, it's about 250MB just an information site, I am looking for cheapest hosting asap with free migration with one company email with it, please share your suggestions.
  13. Murrchik

    What should i consider when buying domain for blackhat purpose

    Hello BHW, i'm trying to host a landing page for CPA+InstaMentions method and as i have never even hosted a created a site i have only a couple simple questions which i unfortunately couldn't find a answere for in this forum, i guess because this should be obv but i'm trying to avoid misstakes...