hosting advice

  1. coolsheet

    NEED A NEW HOSTING COMPANY ASAP! Managed Wordpress Needed. Unhappy with Nexcess

    I've been with Liquidweb for years. I learned long ago that paying extra for managed WP hosting pays in the long run when you factor time equating to money. Piece of mind is priceless so the $90 a month I would pay to have 4 WP sites fully managed, plugins updated, and to have them test the...
  2. swik

    Shared vs WordPress Hosting For Creating a Blog ?

    Hi, I would like to know what's the main differences between the shared and wordPress hosting. What is the best option to host a wordpress blog ? Thanks
  3. S

    Can anyone help me with chepest windows vps hosting?

    I found these cheap windows vps hosting plans , can anyone suggest me how good it is to cosider ?
  4. P

    Upgrading Hosting from shared to Cloud on Same Host (Siteground) - Can it hurt my SEO?

    Not for the first time someone is asking this question for sure...but I cannot find any direct answer, that why need assistance. I am planning my site from SiteGround Shared to SiteGround Cloud. Not sure if it will hurt my SEO strategy, since the site is performing good. So Are there any...
  5. QuanticIT

    Best and cheap client portal for VPS Proxy website?

    Hi, I have a website where I sell VPS and Proxy. I actually resell them. Like I add product and when I get a order I buy from the main Website and sell them on a higher price. I have been doing these manually. I deliver order details on email. I am using WordPress and WooCommerce. Now the...
  6. C

    scammed by

    Hello, recently i got scammed by, i paid them using litecoin and they did not prosioned my hosting and domain, also they don't answer the support tickets of course, i just wanna to start a new porn website using videos from chaturbate, can you suggest some trusty and good provider...
  7. N

    landing page solution?

    Hello all, Can someone please help share some advice on hosting landing pages? Do we also go with VPSs for just a page? while each nice for one VPS with WordPress? Although just have one niche right now, would like to try out other nieces soon. Thank you.
  8. gentishady

    Best Performance/Speed Web Hosting Providers in 2022?

    Hello BHW fam, how are you all ? I already have a website on Namecheap which I plan to move from because it sucks and I'm looking for best web hosting providers to move and expand building up more websites.No I'm not talking about Cloudways or Vultr I'm not there yet,I'm looking for shared...
  9. Vido900

    Top CHEAPEST Hostings?

    What are the most cheapest hosting providers that you can advice? (I mean very very cheap like 10-20 $ a year or something like that)......
  10. jeanfrank

    Should I transfer the domain sever from Godaddy to Hostgator?

    Hi, guys Recently I bought the basic plan from Hostgator (hosting plan), but I have already bought the website domain from Godaddy. Should I transfer the domain sever to Hostgator? If I transfer the domain sever to Hostgator, I will get a free SSL certificate, but I don't like their email page...
  11. LEETdude

    Any experience with FREE HOSTING like InfinityFree ?

    Hey guys do you have any experience with FREE HOSTING like InfinityFree ? I would like to start either a Adult Tube site either a Movies site but I am broke Could this be a good option for beginning ?
  12. S

    TikTok CPA Landing Page Errors!

    Hey guys, whenever i test out my landing page in my TikTok bio, it returns with this image, any reason why? And could I fix this?
  13. iAmHyBreed

    GoDaddy upgrade wiping an entire website? Advice?

    I hope every single on of you reading or not reading is on its path and doing well ignore semi rant below I was pissed at work. Basically my WP based site got wiped in the hosting migration process on godaddy. is there any chance retrieving something (which I doubt) or should I just let them...
  14. Vido900

    Who is using AlexHost?

    I was interested in their basic hosting plan but what about SSL certificate? I can't find any info about it how much does it cost?
  15. harrywilliams

    Best BLACK FRIDAY Hosting and Domain Deals

    What are the best BLACK FRIDAY hosting and domain deals you found? Here is a list of what I found. Please, share the ones you found. Interserver | $1 for first year | RackNerd | $8.89 for first year |
  16. N


    They stole my $200 in BTC for a hosting plan, never returning my messages or ticket after they getting the payment. They have me a login which only worked for 18 hours, then completely shut down. While I try to confront them on their telegram account, they block me, no replies on chat or ticket...
  17. Vido900

    How is for a small project?

    What is your experience/opinion about Alexhost, I need cheap hosting for a small blog and I'm interested in alexhost plans.
  18. M

    Any tips on hosting nulled Xenforo ?

    Hello all, Hope you are having a good day! I plan to learn more about Xenforo, in my case, I will be using a nulled Xenforo. At the same time, it is a toy project, so I will use GCP to host it. Wonder if they would be a big issue (since GCP linked to my credit card and I live in the us). nulled...
  19. SeedPhrase

    Problem when hosting website in AWS EC2 [HELP]

    Hello BHW, We are trying to build a site (MERN stack) and deploy it in EC2 instance. the testlink ( 44:343:113; ) successfully shows up, but when we click on a button, it shows- "URL is not found". i think this is a routing issue. if you can help us to figure it out, it would be great...
  20. omar abdi

    Digitalocean Bandwidth is ridiculous

    Droplet Bandwidth Overage (3156.77GB @ $0.01/GB)This is a 2 droplets $5 per droplet and 10$ . I have 3 droplets and the usual amount together will be around 20$ sometimes 23$ is this possible this much Bandwidth Overage with 20$ droplet? how I can reduce this Bandwidth Overage