hosting advice

  1. A

    Do you use VPS and if yes, which one ?

    Hi folks, I am considering to use a VPS to host my SEO tools. I already have one for my business, but I noticed that my working tools are "fighting" with my SEO tools. The other reason : I'm running out of space on my PC. So : why not using a VPS just for my SEO tools ? Unlike my professional...
  2. bladee4r

    How to Anonymously purchase domains from auctions

    Hi BHW, does anyone have experience with purchasing domains/hosting anonymously? Looking to not connect my name, paypal, cc, etc to any purchases. I get I can buy VCC or fake paypal, but the investment is high. Is it possible somehow to purchase with BTC or something? I have been always doing...
  3. LatestPhoneZone

    How Cool is the Ezoic Wordpress Hosting?

    Hello, I have a blog I am considering transferring to Ezoic free WordPress hosting. I have already been accepted into Ezoic but having a second thought transferring the site. What do you guys think? Does this move solve the frequent "Origin Error" I use to get? What is the general review on...
  4. Vox1Hex

    Most affordable CDN for adult videos

    Hi BHW, just would like to ask you about your experiences concerning CDNs. I'm currently using bunnyCDN and I am quite happy with them. Their prices are ok, for example on fastly I would get 38x higher price than on bunny. Time to time I am doing research for prices of competitors, but for now...
  5. A

    Looking for Cheap and Best Streaming Solution

    Looking for Streaming Solution for my website videos. i have TV Shows websites , i need to host my videos on my own Streaming server with 1gbps Speed with unlimited bandwidth and 10TB Storage with the Necessary Scripts. and Fully managed Server.
  6. AmeliaLily

    Can you Suggest me cheapest web hosting company ?

    I am finding some cheap web hosting provider . I want one share hosting with connect 5 domain.
  7. AmeliaLily

    where i can find sms hosting server ?

    I have some phone number thats all number i want use and receive code with a server in online .how to get that?
  8. J

    Need advice on Hosting details for news website

    Hi All, Can you guys recommend me some good hosting for creating news websites?
  9. T

    Has anyone tried Hostinger Cloud Hosting service? Please Share you opinion

    Hey, I am planning to move one of my sites to Hostinger Cloud hosting. My site is optimized but I want to move to cloud hosting to improve my site speed. Hostinger offers the most economical managed cloud hosting services, so I want to know how it performs. Please share your opinion, if you have...
  10. Linu

    Need feedback about Contabo VPS

    Hey guys need your feedback about Contabo VPS. Is it good to migrate from Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Cloudways to Contabo. If someone using this VPS then let me know how is it? Do let me know your feedback about Contabo. Thanks
  11. GenesisOne

    [ Where to host ??? ] Need a Hosting that Allows 1.5 Gb files x 2k downloads / day - 3 Tb daily download bandwidth - BH Files

    Hey guys, Need a hosting that allows that kind of downloads per day (3Tb) of BH files at high speed if possible. Files will be available for download for only one day - so no worries that this get deleted by the hosting (I'll delete them myself after 24 hours have passed). Something similar to...
  12. ryuk

    Django Hosting

    What are good and cheap django hosting services for hosting torrent sites?
  13. Shiv659

    Could it work?.. BunnyCDN

    So I was exploring some video hosting platforms for one of my app and came across BunnyCDN. My app has around 300-500 short (<1 min) videos, images. BunnyCDN is working extremely well in testing while I'm making app and I'm thinking to stick with it. Based on the calculator in bunnycdn cost...
  14. Krio

    Need advice, regarding hosting

    Hello, If I try Blackhat seo tricks on a website and google finds out about it , will it affect other websites in my hosting account, which are completely white Hat , but use the same shared hosting account with my other blackhat websites? Sorry I'm a complete noob. Just learning.
  15. D

    Which hosting is the best for a beginner?

    I am from India and I am planning to start my first blog. Which hosting should I go for? Many people have suggested namecheap but I have read negative reviews about them. Please help me in choosing a beginner friendly hosting.
  16. Android Tipster

    Articles on my website aren't updated in other countries

    I have this issue with one website of mine whereby I would post new articles or even update old ones but even after waiting hours, when I check the website from other countries (VPN), incognito, the website hasn't updated and the new articles haven't appeared yet. I've cleared cache both on the...
  17. uniquedesigns

    need cheap web hosting

    hi, need cheap webhosting for my portfolio site. maximum space required is about 1-2 gb.. is there any hosting like 1$ per month......
  18. PaulRD

    Best vps configuration for 1k concurrent users?

    Hey there, quite confused about where to start to manage these users smoothly. As my DO vps(15$)- 2CPU,2GBRAM crashes every-damn-time as concurrent users flows through the site. I am using runcloud- Nginx-Apache & cloudflare. The web page is made of elementor and not too light nor heavy with 2...
  19. Vincenzo Udinesi

    Moved from shared hosting to VPS: What do I need to know?

    Hi everyone, I have been using shared hosting and cloud hosting for 3 years now and feel the need to move myself to VPS now. This is the first time that I will be renting a VPS(unmanaged). What basics do I need to know? to manage server and run websites smoothly. Thanks a lot.
  20. Wagggi

    Namecheap stellar plan alternative?

    Hi, I want to host a website with around 5k Visitors per Month. I read that the Namecheap Stellar Plan is really bad so im searching for an alternative. Does anyone has a recommendation for me :-) ? The Hosting Plan It should be cheaper / better than Namecheaps hosting