hosting advice

  1. B

    Need bulletproof Anti-red hosting

    Hello, I need a way to host a website without it going red or marked deceptive. I need a hosting provider that ignores abuse reports and DMCA stuff, as well as stop bots and crawlers from entering my site. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. slimveverka

    tips for movie streaming

    Hi, I’m new here and I'm looking for tips or tricks to help me get started in this industry. I don't plan to create a free movie site for the whole world, just for the country where I live. This country has 10-15 million people. I'm sure I could make more money if I did it for the whole world. I...
  3. rickaloben

    Better hosting than namecheap

    Hello everyone At the moment I’m using stellar hosting by namecheap Comes with cpanel and 3 domains in total & 30 mails 2 domains are of restaurant, not much movement 1 is a food blog which I’ve started consistently posting All Wordpress based Im looking for some good, reliable hosting, which...
  4. M

    Advice Needed For Affordable/Cheap Domain & Hosting For >30 PBN Sites Setup

    Would like to seek advice for any cheap/free domain & hosting options to setup multiple pbn sites (>30), or another potential option is to get pbn sites to be html sites and park in 1 dedicated server.
  5. codeman1234

    Kinsta vs Cloudways

    Hello, I need some hosting advice for choosing between Kinsta and Cloudways for a high traffic project. Have anyone worked with both of them? Which one you think is better and why? Thanks!
  6. R

    Hostinger promo code

    Can anyone give me Hostinger promo code for 12 years package? Please help me. i'm very new.

    Cheapest way to host a page

    So i need to have the cheapest way to host a webserver so that i can code and reach it from multiple devices. I like editiing saving and refreshing page so its uploaded on save. Rn im running it on my server locally and i have a xampp on windows server. But i want to have something in the cloud...
  8. AriantheWise

    Ideal Blog Hosting?

    Hey BHW, I am in the process of starting a new blog website for my affiliate marketing project. I'm just not sure which hosting to use as I have previously used Webflow and will now be using WordPress. I see people have biased opinions and would love to know from your experiences. Right now I...
  9. E

    I had been loking for the best quality/price hosting but not sure if I found it. What would you suggest is for hosting movies just like vidsrc(dot)to

    I had been loking for the best quality/price hosting but not sure if I found it. What would you suggest is for hosting movies just like vidsrc(dot)to. I found vps or dedicated servers hostings like: Hetzner, OVH, Dedicated Core, Contabo, VULTR, Oneprovider. What would you suggest to use? Or do...
  10. Tanjiro B

    website hosting advice ?

    Hi , can i build a website with hostinger that sell digital service like [ facebook account sell , Gmail account sell, Trustpilot review sell ] will hostinger terminate my hosting and domain?
  11. Tanjiro B

    where can i Host?

    Hi , can i build a website with hostinger that sell digital service like [ facebook account sell , Gmail account sell, Trustpilot review sell ] will hostinger terminate my hosting and domain? Any other suggestion where can i host my website where i will sell these service ?
  12. Nick1001

    Creating Multiple Same Niche Blogs On Same Hosting Provider

    Hey Everyone! First of all thanks to all of you who is reading this thread, may god bless you! I’ve been running a blog in a particular niche. Now, I want to create a few blogs in the same niche but I’ll be using different keywords on another blogs. My question is, should I: — Keep all blogs...
  13. borke

    Need help DMCA ignore or VPS with a lot of bandwidth

    Hello guys, Im looking to open video sharing site( example ). Content that I will upload is usually sport DMCA content. Now I'm really a beginner in this area and I don't know which hosting to take. I saw that I need DMCA ignored or VPS with a lot of bandwidth and a 10gbps port. If...
  14. V


    So I am looking for a server located in Russia preferably moscow but anywhere in russia is fine I need a hositng that will allow basically anything apart from the usual like spam etc, as what I want is not something bad per say it is only seen as bad in the west not in russia it is not for a...
  15. holyemmyjoe

    Web Hosting Suggestions Needed

    Please I have been using a hosting platform here but they only accept Paypal and Cryptocurrency payment. I'm seeking for a hosting platform that accept Credit Cards; PayPal has refused me the use of my cards for payment. I just want to host a script, please cheap hosting, I don't have much.
  16. Wrath Of God

    Need Hosting Advice for VPS with Multiple IPs

    I'm seeking guidance regarding website hosting as I'm currently engaged in a project to launch multiple adult tube sites. Establishing numerous hosting companies would result in significant expenses, and I'm looking for more cost-effective alternatives. During my research, I came across...
  17. shadow5

    Hosting 30+ network - (Masking or diversifying IPs)

    Hey everyone! This might be basic knowledge to some, but I'm just diving into the weeds of some of this and I'm trying to figure out how to cheaply build and maintain a 30+ site network. Right now, I've got 5 sites on 5 different hosts (for diversification reasons) But now that I'm trying to...
  18. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    What is the best option for hosting like 50+ websites price wise

    im looking to start a buisness where i sell prebulit websites on a server i buy for all my customers , i got a idea to bring down costs of owning a websites basically ill pay for hte hosting and host all my customers sites and all they have to do is pay for their domain and my prebuilt sites...
  19. P

    I Need Suggestions for a "Bulletproof" Hosting Provider IGNORING Court Orders (Subpoenas)

    Politely asking for suggestions about hosting providers that truly put anonymity as their number one priority. My criteria : Accepting crypto-currencies Preferably a strong background in legal matters. Ignoring DMCA complaints as well as subpoenas. Not related by any means to a first-world...
  20. seo1expert

    Guys need help with my new gig..

    I have recently joined a cpa network related to casual dating but they are saying i need to be an affiliate first and then they will switch me to cpa program. They need to see if i can bring traffic and have a few conversions. I don't have much money to spend on this. Can you guys suggest me...
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