hosting advice

  1. mubi

    DMCA Ignored hosting

    Hi, I need a DMCA Ignored hosting, i have small website which i want to host on it. I am looking for under $15 per year. is there anything i can get.
  2. Adilpro

    Hosting for huge traffic

    hi, I'm planing to host a website that will have a huge traffic (1,5million unique visitors/month 3million page views/month) and between 500-900 visitors on site at the same time what do suggest please ?
  3. IM Rider

    Truth about siteground grow big shared hosting plan

    here is the site ground grow big if you dont know: So the selling point is unlimited sites. heres how many wordpress sites you can get ~ 50. How much actual web space you gonna get ~ 10GB how? Heres my account stats Important thing to note is inodes. Inodes is the number of files that a...
  4. kitqra

    Would it be stupid to host from home?

    Hey! I've been thinking about hosting an adult website and it came to mind that with my server and computer experience I could do it from home, but then I got an afterthought... would it really be clever to host such a website from home? I know already that it would risk my identity and so on...
  5. P

    Best Free Adult Hosting

    What is the best and free host with maximum space for adult affiliate program is there any rules with domain ? I wish i can buy with any domain provider or if any chance here to get a free domain (HASHTAG : giveaway_as_newbie)
  6. B

    Which Hosting? For Freedom of Speech/Questionable Content Site

    I am thinking of hosting a forum/Newgrounds (portal submission) style website except with no restrictions on submitted works (except no child porn, since it is illegal everywhere and is disgusting) and no monitoring of what people say or what information they share. I need hosting advice. Here...
  7. YTMonetized

    "Excessive bandwidth usage" Problem

    Hi everyone. Sorry for my bad English Im total noob and this is my 1st time building a website. Today, My hosting account has been suspended because of "Excessive bandwidth usage" Contact to my hosting support, they said i need to upgrade my plan from 3$/month -> 100$/month =.=. I dont even earn...
  8. Icey Dan

    Hosting and domains for agencies?

    Hey guys. I am a web developer starting up my own agency making websites for clients - a few are already willing to hire me. I have a rookie question.. I need to get hosting and a domain name for each indivdual site I make - am I able to sign up for new hosting plans and domain accounts under my...
  9. P

    Looking for VPS that has 64 GB ram and 1-3 gb internet connection!

    Hi, I'm looking for a good VPS with 64 GB ram and at least 1 gb internet connection, I checked the hosting forum and couldn't really find a match. Anyone have any recommendation? Thanks!
  10. vimal85

    Free Hosting for My Domain

    Hello Black hatters, I need some suggestion regarding the Free hosting provider for my Domain ".tk". can you suggest me the best hosting for ".tk" domains and also free domain provider. Thanks all.
  11. M

    Hosting / Database size for an e-commerce store

    Hi! I would appreciate advice about the right hosting. I have a multi-hosting right now on which I run a small blog, and now I am going to launch an e-commerce store. I didn't have much experience with hostings back when I started, so I just recently discovered that 50MB for 1 SQL...
  12. Tatu kh

    Which Hosting Service did you used? Best Low Budget

    Hello BHW Title says It all. I am going to start a journey here. Completely Noob Journey to affiliate Marketing. (My Niche Will be Tech Niche) I am going to used amazon affiliate So, Please suggest me some tips. 1.On choosing domain 2. Which Hosting server 3. Best wordpress themes 4. Where to...
  13. A

    TMDHosting or Digital Ocean

    Which cloud hosting should I go with? TMDHosting or Digital Ocean which one is best?
  14. Louis Timothy Dioso

    Suggestions for my site

    Guys I need help to improve my site. I use amazon affiliate, click bank, revenue hit and cpa grip. My Site Link is : This is to give people tickets but they need to do a task first to get their ticket. It was just my first month doing this and still I have no leads...
  15. crystalwiz

    What Can You Do with $10,000 Worth of AWS Credits?

    Esteemed BHW, I've got access to $10,000 Worth of AWS credits. How can I make money with it? Is it worth a thing? Can I resell it? I have no idea, please advise.
  16. A

    Is TMDHosting Good?

    I am so much confused which hosting should I go for Shared Hosting or SSD Hosting or Cloud Hosting. Some people say go with Digital Ocean, TMDHosting Cloud Hosting. One of my friend recommended me Siteground Web Hosting. I am looking a new hosting for my new money site. Please, help me...
  17. A

    Which hosting company should i go for?

    Hi guys, I am going to make a new amazon affiliate site. And for hosting many of my friend suggested Hostgator , BlueHost, or Siteground. So, which one should i go with?
  18. Enoryht

    Siteground for Web Designing Business

    Hello, Just a quick question. I am a web designer and want to design websites for businesses simultaneously hosting for it. For instance, I met client X. And we both agreed to make a website. But client X haven't decided for a specific domain yet. So I want to design the website first...
  19. hansje

    Deep malware scan on shared hosting?

    Hey all, I have quite some people I'm hosting for on a reseller hosting package (using WHM), but I don't have root access. Are there still ways to do "deep malware scans" going through all files of any (or all) of my clients? Perhaps a simple PHP file I can drop in the public/ root of a client...
  20. imonboss

    Best Hosting For Affiliate Website????

    Need Opinion from Experts! Which Hosting provider and package type you would use or recommend for Amazon Affiliate Site. Some of my competitors have very fast websites and I really like it. Though I am looking for cheaper options available and a speedy hosting at the same time. I can use your...