1. Giant steps

    Clickbank Problem - please check

    Hello my dear friends, Regarding your complain about Clickbank, I want to inform you about one very strange thing happening last few days. First of all, after their maintenance, sales went down. I was surprised that from 2-5 thousand people who visited my site, only 4 of them click on the...
  2. Ramsweb

    Do I Need To Cloak my Clickbank Hoplink?

    Is it a common practice to cloak Clickbank affiliate links? I am not really worried about the customer seeing the hoplink in the URL address bar but I am worried about the possibility of commission hacking. Am I just being paranoid or does a lot of hoplink hacking take place. Can you please...
  3. F

    Someone using my nickname in Clickbank to create hoplinks...

    Someone is creating hoplinks using my nickname in clickbank. In my account analytics In the past few days they have sent on average 100 hops a day to one particular vendor, but no sales. I want to know why! Is it just a honest mistake that they used the wrong nickname or is something else...
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