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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Giant steps, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Hello my dear friends,

    Regarding your complain about Clickbank, I want to inform you about one very strange thing happening last few days. First of all, after their maintenance, sales went down. I was surprised that from 2-5 thousand people who visited my site, only 4 of them click on the links??? I went to a friend of mine and started clicking on links on my site. 5 out of 30 didn't work. Beside that, I got error messages for some sites, that don't exist anymore. For others I didn't see my affiliate name. On the place of affiliate name it was written affiliate-none. I put all this in my notebook, and check again when I came home on my computer. All sites and links were working properly????

    What exactly does it mean? When we are looking at our links everything looks normal, but from other computers we are not included in affiliate links. I assume that this is the reason that we don't have sales. I am asking others to do the same, in order to check their links. I am going to write a long letter regarding this issue to Clickbank.

    I hope that this can be useful info for all of us, and I would like to hear your comments!
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    Hi mate,

    i am pretty sure Clickbank is not counting our sales as it should be. I am getting quite a lot of hops, but very little order form impressions and NO SALES. Check my stats in this thread :(
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    same problem bro
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    1. Your traffic quality could be down. Even if it was quality at one time does not mean it is quality now
    2. The Clickbank vendor could have changed some internal links making your hoplink incorrect. I always suggest to my affiliates to check their links at least once a week as site updates could change these for you by accident. For example I had to change my site name at one time (long story) so my internal links changed thus rendering all the hoplinks my affiliates were using useless.
    3. Your vendor could be a snake and may be scamming you

    I suggest going into the market place and creating a new hoplink. if that still does not work, contact the vendor as he may have more insight. If the issue persist contact CB and see if they can see if the vendor is doing anything on their end. If after this you still have an issue, find a new product in the same niche

    Best of luck
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    Vendors use affiliate sniffing codes (not all of them) that basically makes your affiliate cookie not appear, so it shows up as none. They get the sale. They can do this based on any number of hops as they want. So if you send 1,000 visitors; they may do this for 10% of your traffic, so you don't get anything.

    CB cannot and will not do anything.