1. choboanem

    [Autopilot] Beginner money making method! $1 ~ $10

    Hello, everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful day~ I'm just an average person working a 9-5 job, but I had some gambling issues and lost all my money, so I started looking for pages where I could make money online, failed a couple of times and I'm still failing, but I'm not giving up just...
  2. Miqdaddy

    What motivates you to keep going?

    I often find myself taking up tasks whole-heartedly but then you may not find me at the same spot the next day. idk why but I loose motivation in an instant. I know there is money to be made but still the thought process of Getting started slow makes me loose all my interest to continue...

    [Journey] Ecommerce +Accounts on Classified ad APPs + Ebay and other dropship (EUtoEU only)

    Hello! I want to pressent a new Journey that i am creating. I have experience with online sales, and now im going to try a new method. At this moment im selling some good items that i buy on Ebay at the best price. I sell this items through new APPs of second-hand items. Hand by hand with the...
  4. A

    Opening up possibilities

    Hello everyone, I came to blackhatworld in order to expand my free-lancing efforts by learning along the way and hopefully networking with people. At this point I'm just in the observe phase I suppose, but within the next few months I hope to really indulge in this community. Cheers!
  5. imonboss

    [Hostwind] Here is What happened...

    I registered in hostwind through BHW referral having known that they are offering free hosting for 2 months. I did select one of their business plan from HERE and signed up with them. But when I logged in, I got nothing. So I created a ticket in there... "Hey There, I just came across via BHW...
  6. tokstesla


    Things have gone from bad to worse for me lately...tried my hands on a lot of things,all to no avail. Lost a Father figure to illness,majorly because i had no money to get him to a better clinic. Have been harbouring thoughts of taking my own life only to realise that doing that will worsen my...
  7. batrixxx

    Hello People

    Hi guys. Im here to learn something about to increase my income. I hope all we get what we need...
  8. bushinonasake

    Third World Perspective on Blackhatting : What It Means to Us Here

    This is a little eye opener for those of you guys in the US, UK, Australia about what blackhatting means for us here. Most of the journeys I've read tells of people earning at least $100.00 per day. That 100 dollars could literally feed a family for a month or two in my country. I've seen...
  9. F

    Hi funkydave here

    Hey every body how you all doin:) Hope to hear from a lot of you and i hope to learn lots too Thanks for having me here
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