help me please

  1. DarkHowl

    What will you choose?

    Hi guy's lately I'm working on gamehack cpa aka fraud. Before I used to do cb 1k$ a month around with less screen time on a internet like 2 hours day's. Fast forward to today I'm doing 1k a week not 1k exactly but slightly close I say but almost. So the thing is I work 9hr a day for this I'm OK...
  2. truelearner

    Facebook is Shit Now

    @bartosimpsonio @mickyfu @blogzandstuff @MisterF @W9go I Had 10 4-8 years aged account I didn't started aggressive I just added and updated my cover & profile picture 4 out of 10 ACC's gone in a flash Some going at joining a group max 1 Some going at doing mutual friends If I add 10+ friends...
  3. Kabone

    So what am i doing wrong?

    ok so i am currently just about homeless, i recently lost my job, and im trying to do site flipping in order to kinda survive till i find another job. i have made several sites, but none really do well i have sold like 4 of them (which took about a year) i did keyword research and all. but still...
  4. S

    Help me to earn $500pm

    Hi everyone I having a debt of $1000. I heard that we can earn by doing online jobs. But i dont know how and were to start. I am employed but the salary is enough to meet my expenses and able to save $100pm. so looking to earn/save at least $500pm by doing online jobs. Please help me if someone...
  5. W

    why are my internal pages ranking higher than my homepage?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advise as I don't really understand whats going on. I recently built a website for my vacation rental business, coconutparadisevillas Ive tried to optimise a few of my pages, and started a link building campaign focusing mainly on the homepage to begin with...
  6. D

    Monitization recommendations for a web directory with over 120k listings?

    I have a 3.5 y/o domain that has the PHP Link Directory script running on it. The script has been on it ever since I bought the domain and I have achieved a fairly good Alexa rank (>30k). The Page Rank is always in flux from a PR4 to PR2 depending on which way the wind blows. I have been on a...
  7. bornformoney

    Is there a way to hide fb traffic from my network seeing it?

    Helo BHW :family1: so let's say I got an email submit offer for free i'll make a WH site with only just the real offer sittin there...[i contacted my AM about the social media traffic and she said it is allowed but I can't have any viral sharing and also iframing is allowed] so...
  8. bornformoney

    Help me how I should deal with neverblue about this! Please Help!

    Hello peeps Thanks a lot first of all to this forum...My favorite place to be on the whole net besides **** & fb :p...I read a thread on here about getting accepted to cpa networks... So I applied to neverblue and they almost approved it and this was what they sent me "Hello Thank you for...
  9. Zo0mer

    B2B Offline Marketing - Specific

    Hi there, I am going to be working with a medium sized company, who produce door looks, padlocks, hinges, eye holes handles, and other lots of door furniture. total of 2,000 different products. The target for these products is large developers/home-builders/large DIY/ironmonger, stores...
  10. B

    Is this New Technique...I need help regarding this NewSEO technique?

    I have found that when we use niche keywords or Geo keywords in google SERPS few website shows and their URL is Highlighted. Like the bellow urls. in google SERPS, website having url like this way ****.com/PA/Ardmore/ OR ****.com/?state=PA&city=Ardmore Can i follow the...
  11. D

    how can i make my site better???

    Hey there, My site has been running for like a week or so, and has been aking no money whatsoever... Its made like $2.39 or something so far here is a link to the site, i use ************** surveys there because i dont know of any better ways to monetize my...
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