1. Navodit

    How to Post Comments on Youtube via Scrapebox ?

    How to Post Comments on Youtube via Scrapebox, most of the links i scrape are from youtube for the keywords i search for. Help!!!
  2. jemzozole

    Scrapebox Harvester

    Hey guys. I just bought Scrapebox, and my transaction and program have been verified! I am trying to Harvest URL for the first time with elementary settings, but it's somehow not working. What I am doing: 1. Added 2 keywords: "car", "~car"; 2. Clicked "Start Harvesting" button 3. Selected...
  3. H

    anyone who knows how to use hrefer well?

    i've never harvest link list before, but i want to harvest it by myself by using hrefer but don't know how to do it; looked up youtube but there're only oldddddd videos anyone who can teach me how to do this? or knows where hrefer guideline is?
  4. C

    Facebook Email Extraction

    I used to have a guy from Fiverr who could extract private email addresses from the users of Facebook groups. Anyone know how he might have done this?
  5. R1ckS4nch3z

    What is the best email harvesting software for mac in 2018?

    Hi, I need an email harvest software for mac and it needs to be proxy acceptable, fast, and reliable. Can anyone recommend me a software? Thanks
  6. outscrape

    Basic Scraping Guide - How to make money with scraped content

    After years of web scraping and working with people who do data collection, data harvesting, data indexing, data aggregation, web crawling, screen scraping, or whatever you want to call it, I wanted to put together a very basic list of ideas on how anyone can profit from the info that’s already...
  7. deBling

    How to chose VPS for harvester like Scraoebox or GScraper

    Hi i decided to go for my custom list for my SEO tool and I need to chose good windows VPS for Scrapebox. When it comes to buy, which VPS parameters to look for?
  8. J

    mobile harvester

    good afternoon to all have something in my mind and make the following days there will be some script or whatever to haverst many phone numbers to use for promotion? any ideas?? or create some form of
  9. D

    My Scrapebox Is not Scrapping anything!!!

    I am a newbie, and start to use Scrapebox for just a few days. However, after I merge the footprint with my keyword, I just can't harvest anything. After that I keep trying on scrapping with simple keyword like credit card, without footprint, but I get no urls at all. Can someone please tell me...
  10. B

    It's about the content, sssssss

    All the tech skills in the world won't sub for a word of really good content. But to help narrow the fray here is some NOT good content Some carzy percentage off Free whatever ( who really believes that anymore) You will get rich Watch this girls take her shirt off Etc. Etc. I am an old school...
  11. M

    Any email extractors that can filter by city or state?

    Trying to find an email extractor that can not only allow me to search by a keyword(s) but also allow me to build my list by state or city. Total newb here, so I'm not sure if email extractors all simply use a search such as "Wedding Planners in Chicago" to obtain the emails I need in that...
  12. J

    OLX classified Posts scrapper/grabber and poster script.

    I am looking to start a website which can get content from OLX classified sites with images and all details. It should be a standalone script or a WordPress plugin. and please reply here or add me on skype as jitu_mania as i dont have pm rights here.
  13. K

    Scrapebox Blacklist - Never Harvest a Duplicate URL?

    From what i understand, the Blacklist will not only keep you from posting to specific urls, but it will also keep you from harvesting the same url again. I'm pondering the thought to add my master list of harvested urls to the Blacklist so i don't harvest the same url twice. Seems like it...
  14. criticalmess

    *some* scrapebox questions

    Hey all I have been playing around with scrapebox in the past week or so, it's an amazing piece of software! I have some problems mainly with harvesting URLs and actually commenting In the comment poster, I get around 30% success rate but the comments are not actually published... What...
  15. gettinthere

    Scrape data from Facebook business page "info" tab

    Are there any tools to do this? Has anyone got a custom tool & would be interested in work? Task is to scrape X Facebook business pages from a category int the UK and gather contact details (email). Pls pm me asap. Thanks
  16. S

    Need thousands of emails harvested in specific niche

    Hi all, I need someone to deliver me as many emails as possible within a certain niche and if possible specific countries.
  17. Q

    [Help] Need a Script/Sofware to Extract Domain Names from a Webpage.

    Hello Everyone! I am Facing a Problem and I am trying to find a Solution for it From past 2 days but I am Having no Luck. I need to Parse/Extract/Harvest all the Domain names present on webpage and Collect them in a CSV/Text File. If anyone can Help me/ Provide me a Solution I'll highly...
  18. richboy

    SCRAPEBOX - Can't harvest more than 90 urls each search engine

    Ok, so I bought Scrapbox. It looks pretty nice. When I harvest urls, in all 4 SE's, it only returns 90 urls for each SE.. so 360 for all 4. That's not gonna do anything for me :/ :confused: I've tried it with my IP, with proxies, but it still returns 90 urls each. What am I doing wrong? I've...
  19. A

    I harvest CL, you mail them?

    Hi there i got a legal copy of CraigslistEmailHarvesterPro and i want to use it to make some money. I can harvest any section but i need to pay to get the decaptcha so i prefer i we can target the noncaptcha sections to get things going. We can search for keywords or just target an entire...
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