1. O

    Proxidize, legit mobile proxy service or backdoor entry for hackers?

    Hi everyone, night dark. Me researching how to build own Rotating mobile proxies. Come across company Proxidize. Website looks trustworthy. checks Scamadviser, said "registrar of this website is popular amongst scammers", "did not find reviews on popular review sites", "Pulsedrive reports...
  2. matek697

    Looking for someone to code hardware info program

    Hello BHW coders! I'm posting there, because I ran out of ideas where to find freelancer which can code an simple program: I want to run it from a USB stick to get detailed hardware info of my PC. It should generate text report on a screen and write it as file to some folder on an USB stick...
  3. LandscapePhotographer

    Parallels USB passthrough - Help!

    Hi there, Not sure if anyone will be able to help? Apologies, it is a bit of a hardware question that is maybe not suitable for BHW but I imagine might be useful for others as well at some point. I have installed Parallels on my Mac with a view to installing Jarvee tunning off a 4g dongle...
  4. P

    Hello, beginner interested in hardwear!

    Hello, I am studying electrical engineering and I have gotten really interested in the hardware side of infoSec. I have been playing with an Adafruit Trincket M0 and the keyboard.h library to create basic payloads but I really want to learn more about badUSBs and other relatively simple devices...
  5. kurosaki4d

    Pc Restarts randomly

    Hello guys, I've been using my desktop for almost 4 years now, it has been running smoothly all these years with no problem. I did a lot of gaming in the past years, but not so much anymore. Lately, while i'm working, sometimes my pc restarts by itself. It has happened before in the past...
  6. shooks

    How to:

    As I enter the title I draw a blank as to what I can even discuss. From internet marketing, to the social media takeover, deeper than the keyboard keys as I press each letter, beyond the proxies and the firewalls, tucked underneath the hardware of the machine that: (fortunately allowed you to...
  7. Conor Smartt

    Computer Parts Dropshipping EU

    Hey there, Looking to start dropshipping computer parts. I've been doing abit of droppshipping as of late and it's been going pretty well. I live in Ireland so there is not alot of cheap computer component stores on/offline. Been looking into this and everywhere in the EU that sells 'cheap'...
  8. handmadebots

    Wireless Controlled LED on batteries (WEB/Android APP)

    Hi guys, I started to get into microcontrollers and electronics lately ... started to read some books, some articles here and there, and I finally managed to grasp the basics of it. Some of you might know me, I've developed bots for lots of members on this forum, but this is different type of...
  9. M

    Scripting Machine Build for iMacros?

    Hi Guys, Looking to build a machine to run iMacros Javascript literately 24/7 with multiple browsers/tabs opened. In terms of hardware, what would you suggest for a smooth experience? I take AMD APUs would crack the job with 8 GB to 16 GB RAM and an SSD? DDR4 RAM? Hyperthreading or DDR3/APU...
  10. C

    Looking for a hardware supplier (mice, keyboards, etc.)

    Hi guys, We are looking for a hardware supplier (mice, keyboard, computer, etc etc), we are very focused on gaming products so we ask branded products and not fake ones. Our warehouse is located in Poland. PM with your contact information and your offer Dropshipping is considered but not our...
  11. D

    [NEED ADVICE] How to determine which DDRAM is dodgy?

    Hey, please share your knowledge how to test operative memories in bulk but to be able to see the performance of each other :? confusing? .. hummm, here is a short story: Just bought 4 2nd-hand 1gb Kingston DDRAM-s 1) After I installed them at the very beginning - pc was bleeping, saying that...
  12. C

    Intel Core i7-2600K Vs AMD FX-8150 vs Core i5-2500K Plz Help me!

    I Am planning to upgrade my PC and i am totally confused :confused: Please help me out guys Option 1: Intel Core i7-2600K Intel SANDY BRIDGE BOARD DH67CL 8GB ddr3 RAM 1 TB Segate HDD Hardisk Option 2: AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 AMD 990FX 8GB ddr3 RAM 1 TB Segate HDD Hardisk Option 3: Intel Core...
  13. W

    Small Office - Need to share docs/files, but how?

    Hello, I have a small office with multiple computers. We all work off of laptops (although I am about to bring a desktop in because I need a little more horsepower for some graphic stuff). I have a number of files I would like everybody to share, update and save so we can all access...
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