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  1. 4ry4n

    [Question] Is changing the H1 Tag of the homepage of a website damaging to the SEO? And what should it contain?

    Hello guys, I have been wondering, I manage an e-commerce website and the h1 tag for the homepage is our webpage "NAME" as a single word. Isn't it better if it was something like: "NAME online store for [Product category]"? I mean something more informative containing a couple of keywords...
  2. T

    How important are H1 tags really?

    Ever since the early days of SEO, H1 tags have been believed to be extremely important for ranking the content in SERPs. But are H1 tags really necessary? Here’s how Google likes to answer it: You can use H1 tags as often as you want on a page. There’s no limit, neither upper nor lower bound...
  3. A

    John Said You can use as many H1 Tag as you want!!

  4. johnwalk

    Need Help ....

    Hi Everyone, Just made a website in .net and having unique h1 tag on every page. But screaming frog providing me result of 13 duplicate h1. My website contains 38 pages and every time when i run Screaming frog, it provides me different pages having same H1. But i checked manually source code...
  5. Celestial711

    Keyword not in h1

    Will you be able to rank well for a keyword that is not placed in the H1 tag but everywhere else e.g. title, h2, alt. I am creating a page for a location but the keyword cannot naturally be part of the H1.
  6. S

    how do add h1 tag to my wordpress theme

    I recently realized that my theme doesn't have a h1 tag at all. I know how important that is for SEO and I wanted to add it. I'd like if possible the h1 tag to be the same as the title of every post. I'd be really grateful if somebody can tell me how it's done. Thank you, Trajko
  7. H

    Simple question about H1 tag

    Hey guys! Wish I had known this forum before... I'm new around here, but already learned a lot! First I'd like to say thank you so much for the information around here! Now that I'm a registered member, I hope I can help someone too :) So here's my question, sorry if it's too long :x I have a...
  8. A

    SEO for CSS ~ Can I have a title above h1 tag?

    Hi guys, I need a white hat solution for this. I have asked many people now, & can't seem to find a definitive answer... I was wondering if it is possible to use special CSS tags above the h1 tag in order to use as a kind of "Master Header" (above h1). I am trying to make a Master header for...
  9. C

    Different H1 tag on every page

    Good Pm, I really was wondering since I think its very important if I should have different h1 tags on every page on 1 website? ex. my page is Dogjumping.com Keywords on h tags: My Main: <h1> Dogs walking people</h1> 1.Page <h1> Dogs on Fire </h1> 2.Page <h1> Dogs without banana...
  10. S

    <h1> tag question

    Does this give the alt text the strength of a standard H1 tag, or is this nonsense? <h1> <a class="trackGA" href="/Home"> <img alt="Alt text here" src="image/directory/file.jpg"/> </a> </h1>