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  2. L

    gtmetrix help

    Can some one please help me how to fix this issue to increase my website speed Thank You
  3. crystalwiz

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  4. SpeedMetrix

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  5. Festinger


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  6. cosmo89

    Acheived Page Speed from F to A in 2 days

    Been working this site for while and had issue with page speed score. Finally, with simple few tricks and tweaks, i able to increased the GTMetrix page speed score from "F" to "A". Green looks good. Still i can feel, there is 72 requests going out, working on this technical part of...
  7. benj_pirate

    Trying to get my SG wordpress site to load faster

    I have been looking online a loot to get a page that load fast. I managed to get decent metrix on GTmetrix see image: Here is my configuration: Siteground gogeek + cloudflare (free) + SG optimizer. Spent hours trying to configure these as good as possible thanks to google/here/youtube help...
  8. ShashiKumaar

    Regarding Website Speed Issue?

    Hi BHW, Recently I created a new website for B2B clients for their industrial products. Dragged down loading size from 40mb website to under 5mb. But not much success on website loading speed which is around 15s to 20s. How do we reducing the orange color which is making my website slow? How...
  9. KJREDDY247@

    What could be the reason for this?

    Everything seems good, but the page speed is to low/
  10. KJREDDY247@

    ( Need Help ) Defer parsing of JavaScript - Leverage browser caching - Avoid bad requests

    When I checked one of my sites in gt metrics I got terrible scores in Defer parsing of JavaScript- Leverage browser caching - Avoid bad requests Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources: (expiration not specified) Avoid bad requests: The following requests are returning...
  11. Bajanman


    I have WP Rocket installed and activated but GT Metrix gives me 0% for scaled images. Is it possible to somehow configure WP Rocket to solve this issue or should I use another plugin?
  12. Shropdog

    Page Speed Insights worth the effort - and what is a good score?

    So i have been speeding up our money site this week ( and already seeing the ranking benefits of it thankfully ). It's a shopify store. I know to take Googles page speed insights with a pinch of salt, and with Shopify you cant do everything you would like too as they control hosting, cdn etc...
  13. Shropdog

    Best ways to speed up Shopify stores

    I know Shopify is either loved or hated, and when it comes to total customisation and things like site speed ups they dont compare to Wordpress etc, but for the people out there who use Shopify or are new to eCommerce, what are the best ways to speed a Shopify site up? I use gtmetrix as its a...
  14. varun barve

    Page load speed?

    Hey, guys so I have a website and I have done good on page optimisation and installed wp rocket premium. on my homepage, i am getting 2.7 secs load speed and on my inner pages, i get around 6.6 load speed. In the gtmetrix, it shows following errors Defer parsing of JavaScript - and there...