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  1. D

    Looking for someone to grow an instagram account organically with a specific niche

    Hi all, Long time lurker and semi-occasional poster here. I've got an instagram account that I haven't used for years. Based on my research here, I understand that older accounts usually do better with Instagram's algorithm. I'm starting my own brand of gymwear. Specialised materials...
  2. Balaurul23

    Youtube chanel

    Hi guys I have some questions about monetizing your youtube account : 1.I have an account from 2013 with a single video that gathered 75k views and a few subscribers(150). Is it worth it to make another one or to start posting on it? 2.For a start, I thought of music videos that can't be...
  3. XdSon

    How I Made $5.5 Everyday - for 3 minutes

    Hi everyone, How i made $5.5 everyday just by working 3 minutes or less. So when corona started last year I was doing a lot of code so i decide to make a view story bot on Instagram, i made it and started it working for 2 days in one girl account. After 2 days i just got ~300followers, i...
  4. Luxury World Cars

    HELP | Instagramers |My ACCOUNT is STUCK

    I’m owner of Instagram account with 36k organic followers. I made it 2016 and one year I reached 36k. 3 years I stand on the same number of followers. My instagram account is kinda ‘dead’ - low activity etc... Some of my pictures are gone VIRAL - up to 600.000 reach, 30.000 engagement ... Also...
  5. P

    How could i grow faster with a new account?

    Hello everyone, i m starting with an ig account, it has at this moment 250 followers and i m having a nice engagement, (30-70 likes each post) but I just get like 10-20 followers daily, also i post three times a day. And following 200 accounts every day (50 per hour). My account is about...
  6. AnoniX

    Successful on Twitter - Want start on Insta

    Hi, I'm running a good network on Twitter (adult/babe niche). I want to grow a funny/meme page on Insta now and looking for help. So if someone is big on Instagram and want to start or grow on Twitter - I would help in exchange. Your niche on Insta should be funny related - your niche on...
  7. hazzi

    Growing a Snapchat account ?

    i see a lot of tips for growing an instagram account but I rarely see anyone talk about Snapchat so how would I go about getting more views on my account and for instance in the meme niche.
  8. B

    How to grow a Spotify audience?

    Hello, What are some techniques from which i can grow my Spotify audience? Are there any traffic exchanges, or places where you can follow-unfollow. And stuff like that are there any sites where you can share your playlists and get seen and heard by many people and then they would choose to...
  9. Azzez

    How to grow a clients twitter safely?

    Hello BHW! What would you guys recommend doing if you have an important twitter account that you don't want to be ghosted or suspended? Would you have accounts that mass follow/unfollow and direct traffic to your main accounts? Or would you use like exchanges or something? Any...
  10. Alok1688

    Hello BHW Members

    Hello guys, myself Alok Rana a blogger, affiliate marketer and an outreach expert. Not new to BHW but never get time to stay active on the community. Now that I have decided to be an active member of the BHW. Can anyone help me with from where to start with and tips to skyrocket my profile...
  11. RB1993

    Accounts stuck at 6k ! Need desperate HELp

    Hello , From 2 months my account is stuck at 6.4k and i dont know why, My goal is to reach 10k by the end of the year , If you know any method beside follow/unfollow or child/mother method please share it I just dont know what im doing wrong
  12. P

    Looking for someone to grow an instagram account

    Hi there, I have an account that has been dead for almost a year and I'm just rebooting it now. Long story short, I would like someone to help grow the account. I don't mind automation etc but I have specific targeting otherwise the audience will be pretty much useless to me. Targeting: UK...
  13. P

    a good niche for instagram!!! please help

    i have a 1 month old instagram account with 1000 followers. please suggest me a niche to start a successful instagram page
  14. arnautulucas

    Instagram Grow Problem

    Greetings. I have some problems in my attempt to grow an skin-based instagram page. I created the page 2 weeks ago, I put 3 posts each day, I use jarvee and still have only 273 followers. I also have several telegram groups to comment. But every day I have somewhere in 5-10 new followers, which...
  15. B

    Buy Followers to join DM groups

    Hey folks, I want to increase my followers with a simple no-brainer. But I want your feedback: 1. Buy 10k Followers 2. join 10k DM/Engagement Group 3. Get the engagement 4. Get the furthee followers organic Do you think that is a good way?
  16. colton kopacz

    Need Child Panel for Instagram

    Whats up guys! I'm looking to get my own child-panel to try the Mother/Child growth method for Instagram. Any solid recommendations on where to get started on BHW. (Purchase the panel) Also anyone want to recommend a solid VPS to use? :) - Thanks Guys
  17. feIix

    Instagram Journey To 111k Followers

    Hey there, my name is Felix (who would have thought that?) and I've been reading BHW for a while now. I've multiple years experience in social media marketing, previously I've done growth hacking on Instagram for my clients. My clients have been very successful with their Instagram accounts...
  18. Pawllie

    Best Giveaway strategy?

    Hello guys! I have an account with 8K followers. I did botting in past and now, I'm looking for a new "legal" way, how to grow my fanbase, because my statistics are getting lower and lower... Now! I realised that the Christmas Eve is coming, so I contacted about 10 starting manufactures and...
  19. P

    Best way to grow a personal instagram page?

    Whats a really good way to grow a personal instagram besides the follow/unfollow method? My personal is stuck at 1.1k. I post weird/interesting captions and my engagement is good. I'm not ugly and i have a theme going on. Maybe im just not that interesting LOL? Or am I just missing something?
  20. J

    Tips on growing a facebbok page?

    I really need some tips on how to grow a facebook page or if you know good guide feel free to let me know. Thank you in advance