1. zhaymer

    Facebook groups Bot Share! 177K shares within 3 days!

    Hello everyone, I found this guy spamming FB groups with this video, he is using some kind softwares to share his videos on FB groups. MAN!! 177K shares within 3 days!!! Do these guys make any money on this? How? Please if you know any bot or software I can use to get to this level Please drop...
  2. SeasonedCode

    [METHOD & GUIDE] Facebook groups are a Gold mine to get leads for your online business

    hello, folks a while ago I published this method and a lot of people think Facebook groups are dead and there is a lot of spam, it is True there is a lot of spam if you don't take your time to find the right...
  3. X

    Alternative Monetization Method For FB/Facebook Babes/Girls Pages/Groups After FB/Facebook Instant Article gone

    Intro: I have facebook pages and groups with USA/UK/CA/AUS pages with 99% Men audience. I can generate more. Monetization: I was getting $15-30 per 1k visits on fb instant article. With the amount of traffic I currently own I was generating $2k-3k per day. Issue: Facebook have retired instant...
  4. L

    How to get a message option to every person on group

    How to get a message option to every person on group. like i don't want to go to there profile and then message to them there are some group where there is a message box with every person name so how to do that like the screen shot i am posting here
  5. L

    Need help in social media

    1. how to trigger the curiosity of fans in Social Medias? to post on social medias to attract fans 3. How to turn strangers into friends 4. How to create a sense of anticipation in Social media. something like this if possible please Thank You
  6. krt1337

    How to bulk check the number of group members?

    Hi There, i have links to 13.000 FB Groups, and i want check how many members is on each group. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. k1ng1

    Which type of profiles are better to use for facebook groups?

    Hi Friends, I am looking to publish pictures ( recipes) in facebook groups so I want to know which type of Facebook account is better for Reach to buy in marketplace! Facebook Ads Account Facebook aged with activity Facebook with friends Facebook with older than 2 - 3 years Facebook Accounts...
  8. eaglehunter

    Looking for someone to find me telegram groups

    I am looking for someone that can help me find telegram groups in a specific niche. Let me know if you can help
  9. W

    Facebook group scraper

    Hi, I am looking for a tool which is dedicated to scrape facebook groups fans and their mail addresses (not facebook email, but real). Thank you for any recommendations.

    Cannot find my own group

    Any advice on why I can't find my own group which I created on Facebook? It's visible and public. Thanks.
  11. A

    How to post on facebook groups

    Facebook still the most powerful traffic source and social media that we all know. There are so many Facebook groups and most of them don't allow posts without admin or moderator approval. Then how to post those groups? This is my first post in BHW and any help is appreciated.
  12. im_network

    Best facebook automation tool for growing accounts and groups

    Which is the best tool for growing accounts by accepting 100-200 friend requests per day, inviting 100-200 friends to groups, schedule posts in groups, do some likes or comments in random to behave like a user, keeping each accounts device/browser finger print different? Currently i am...
  13. Suang J

    How many Group share per day and per post?

    Hi BHW friends. I started a new project a few weeks ago and I'm using a Facebook acc that is 1y old or more. How many groups can I join per day? Right now I join 4 or 5 groups per day for a few days then rest for a few more days. I create a fan page and publish content there then share the...
  14. akash80575

    [WTK] Tool to get thousand of people added in my facebook group

    Hey guys, I am looking for a tool that can help me scrapping the details of members from another Facebook group and adding them to mine. Any idea about how can I do so?
  15. Max Kirschner

    How do you set people against themselves?

    A lot of times you are dealing with conspiring groups. Some examples are Your wallet got stolen/Your car was damaged etc.. You ask someone who was right next to you and he visibly pretends to not have seen anything happen and you know he is lying to protect his peers who likely did the robbery...
  16. C

    How i can find groups joined by any user on facebook

    Hey Please I need to know how i can find groups joined by any user on facebook ?
  17. J

    Any auto fb group poster??

    I need a fb group poster only, not anything else just for posting in any fb group, daily within the limit but no jarvee, or anything that's monthly or expensive but just a one time fee. Doesn't matter if its cloud or bots, anyone know of anything for posting in groups only?
  18. Cro7

    232 Telegram groups

    LIST OF 100 MARKET CHATS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  19. zrk4

    I should use proxy or not?

    Hi, I have a question. For several years I have used 3 accounts to add posts to groups. I used the "pilotposter" program and later "safeposter" unfortunately a month ago these programs died and after trying to add accounts to them again I received account verifications. I was able to recover my...
  20. SirJackneeOff

    Facebook Marketplace & Business Page

    Hello all. My brother began a facebook business selling a high-demand edible product. He was selling on facebook without a business page for about 3 years with no problem. Creating personal posts and in the market place, he was getting so many sales. Well, he began a business page about 3 months...
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