google serps

  1. Nekronomikon

    Is the Domain Name still relevant for Ranking?

    What do you think guys? Is the domain name still important for ranking or have the times changed?
  2. Ankit Dyeonia

    What are best Google indexing services? (Free and Paid)

    Can anyone suggest a sure-shot and effective google indexing service. It can be paid as well as free but should have nigh success rate to get my website's back-links indexed into Google index.
  3. V

    About Rich Snippets

    Hi guys; I own a wp site and I want that google serps displays the rich snippets (the stars icons). Any plugin for it? Thanks in advance, Veronica
  4. dami3n

    Strange Hit on serps - Need some advice on where to go from here.

    Hey guys, I have been running a multi niche site for the past 6 months. Everything has been fine in the past month I got a large increase in traffic due to the amount of work I have been doing to the site. This is pretty much similar to what I have done in the past. Building strong web 2.0s and...
  5. IanV

    I am now on Page 1 Google

    hello everyone, After 2 month, my website is now bouncing from page 1 to page 2 in google serps for a medium competition keyword. It was nowhere ranking in google and I have tried forum profile link that i found here and after 2 weeks it appeared on google page 1 position 10 sometimes...
  6. U

    Ranking for Virtaully Any Keyword : Live Case Study/Experiment

    I have decided to document a live experimentation of my earlier Case Study HERE. My plan is to show and document the exact process that has earned me (and several of my clients) Many Top Spot Positions in Google. To make this documentation really extensive, I will be promoting 3 different...
  7. G

    Google Hates My EzineArticles Article?

    Hi Everyone, I'm low because my article (need-an-article service) of 755 words, keyword optimized and linked to my redirect page to a clickbank product, disappeared from google serps after 4 days. Moreover disappeared from ezinearticles results, I don't understand...the article in my article...
  8. G

    Who Is Familiar With This Google Ambiguity?

    Hi, I noticed that for a keyword research in "exact match" google shows different results if you switch at the end of SERP results. There is a big incoerence in this, so my doubt is about which result I have to consider, since the tool I use (Micro Niche Finder) show the result like google if...
  9. sudarshannus

    Help me guys regarding my site serp

    I have a site that ranks no 3 or 4 for a particular keyword between monday to thursday but vanishes from the top 1000 for the next 3 days then it again happens the same way next week.I am not sure what the problem is.It has a good backlink count(around 500).So please help me why is this happening.
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