google serp

  1. M

    Looking for Solution - Pinterest Pins All Have Noindex

    All my pins in my Pins in my Pinterest account have no-index tag which prevents them from getting indexed by Google. How do I solve this? I wanna get rid of the no-index tag. I see lots of Pins on Google search results. But min is just plagued with a no-index.
  2. D

    Is there any Github library for parsing Google SERP HTML into JSON? Or some other structured format to work with.

    Let's assume that you can scrape Google SERPs, but then want to parse them into JSON, or some other structured format, so you can work with them. I'm looking for something that can do what the front pages of ScaleSERP or SERPAPI do. Where they take a SERP and you get the structured data...
  3. speedie

    ⚡ Keyword Research | Done for You ✅ Foundational On-page SEO ⚡ Boost Ranking ⚡

    Keyword research lays the foundational SEO for your website. In the competitive digital market, it is necessary to direct your business towards the right audience. Gain a competitive advantage. All done for you: 2000+ SEO optimized keywords. 100+ Focused Keywords. Related Keywords/...
  4. HenryObi

    On This Page Google Admits The Efficacy Of Backlinks

    In response to a thread which I saw earlier today. This is a page on Google's domain where they implicity admit backlinks are one of the most important aspect of the search result. The part am most interested in says... 'Google search results take into account who links to a web page as well...
  5. Ed Roy

    How To Fix The GOOGLE's Recent Indexing Issue?

    I don't know what's wrong with google. My articles used to index within a minute, but now the new articles are not indexing on Google. All the articles are unique and well written and add values. I have shared new articles on Social Media as well. But still no results(Article isn't index yet)...
  6. Ed Roy

    Any Suggestion For RANK UP position #5 - #6 to position #1 / #2

    I am dealing with this problem. Almost 15+ my seed keywords are in stuck between position #5-#7 on Google SERP. My competitors don't have quality links as much as I have, though they rank above my website. I am trying my best to get into the #1 / #2 position, but it's not happening. One drawback...
  7. Zooker

    How to programmatically get Google results without problems?

    I've wondered for awhile how I can use software to make searches through Google to check serps to see if a page is indexed, etc. I know some commercial sites like SERP checkers are doing this to some extent, but does anyone know if there is a Google api or a proper way to be able to search in...
  8. lejovaar7

    SImple top 10 google scraper

    Hi, folks. I was bored and started doing a simple scraper. Maybe this can be useful for some. If you have any ideas about simple bots let me know in the comments. You need install python. you can download it: You have to install some modules: xlsxwriter selenium that...
  9. vimal85

    How to get ranked in Bing SERP in 2019?

    Hi Black Hatters, I have a website which is revamped last month with newer content and newer URLs. I have got Impression in most of my target keywords but i don't see the same set of search queries in Bing Webmasters. Suggestion needed : 1. how to optimize for Bing Search engine. 2. How to...
  10. Ankit Dyeonia

    What are best Google indexing services? (Free and Paid)

    Can anyone suggest a sure-shot and effective google indexing service. It can be paid as well as free but should have nigh success rate to get my website's back-links indexed into Google index.
  11. Rank wizard Ltd

    Ranking overnight in 100% white-hat way(Case Study)

    After months of struggles with few of my conventional Amazon Affiliate websites(specially after Aug'18 algo update), I decided to start afresh. I had a brandable domain parked at Namecheap. I put it live and published a few contents written by myself. The niche was Indoor Gardening number of...
  12. A

    VB.NET WebClient Proxy Issue...

    I have been working on a small application that can crawl Google to show some of the search engine results pages and the WebClient normally connects fine, but after trying to connect to Google thru the WebClient proxy property, it just isn't connecting properly. Here's the code that I'm working...
  13. selembar

    One Page on Page One - single page sites were red flagged?

    On another thread, @Nargil said: "One page PBN sites were okay in 2012. It's not hard to completely filter them out by an algorithm. Red flags all over the place." I am obviously a noobie with near to zero experience and knowledge and I always look up at some trusted members here. However, I am...
  14. thevinodzz

    Google Bot Fooled!?!

    Hi all, This is Vinod from India. As far as I know about SEO, Google crawls a webpage and updates its respective SERP snippet, only when there is a visible content update on that webpage. Right? But, a coupon/offers website from India seems to have cracked that. Coupon pages of that website...
  15. V

    Youtube Serp Presence Check

    Hello Everyone How can I check if there's a youtube video appear for a keyword in google serp? I want to check bulk keywords at once if it possible :) Thanks a lot, bye
  16. BlurryBit

    [GET] Google SERP Position checker Script written in PHP.

    I made this api script for my own usage actually. Sharing this here so that other members can be benefited too. Hope it helps :) Fork/Contribute/Download at: Usage: VT (in case...
  17. K

    Question about correlation between google plus and porn website

    Do you think that building a google +'s account focused on porn niche which links to a porn website could result in a penalization on that porn website on google serp?
  18. A

    Google SERP Checker - Google Search Engine Results Page Checker v1.0

    Hello everybody, If you are a website owner or administrator, I?m sure that you really want your website get high top on search engine results page, this will help the visitors find your websites quickly and easily through Search Engine. Then you do SEO ? Search Engine Optimization for your...
  19. D

    Did google slash all the hard BH work i did?

    For the passed 2 months, my site was landing on page 1 for my targeted keywords, and page 2, for many others. I first built 5-10 pr 6-8 links then 25-40 pr 4-8 links then 100-200 pr 2-8 links Also senuked many articles/blogs/forums over the course of a couple of months. I had extremely high...
  20. HealeyV3

    Wordpress Search Results getting Indexed.... I want more!!!

    So, get this: This is being indexed in the serps by Google for "keyword someone searched internet for" Here's my questions : HOW?, and how do we exploit this to benefit our sites? How does Google know that this keyword...
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