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  1. WestWind

    Google's Search Evolution - Ai Generative Results (Ends in December 2023!)

    Google has recently introduced the Search Generative Experience (SGE), an innovative AI experiment that integrates generative AI capabilities into the existing Google Search platform. This advanced technology enables the platform to address a wider range of questions that you might not have...
  2. HenryObi

    Google's SGE Now Links To Publishers

    A Twitter user posted this on Twitter and I think I like it. Though it's still in Beta stage and probably undergoing multiple testings and could change. As you can see from the screenshot below, at the end of each item on the unordered list is a link to the appropriate publisher. The exact...
  3. OldWalnut

    Google's New AI Search Updates (Project Magi)

    Early takeaways from Google's new AI search updates, aka Project Magi 1. Most answers appear to NOT cite sources 2. LINKS to dig deeper appear below/offside 3. Emphasis on SHOPPING features 4. SEARCH ADS continue to appear 5. Like ChatGPT, you can "continue" conversations While...
  4. Norman_drey

    How to rank faster on Google?

    I'm writing on trending news and I will really like my content ranking on Google faster, just like these my content takes an hour to get indexed but takes days to get shown on Google, by then it'll no longer be relevant.
  5. HenryObi

    The Issue With Bing Search Result

    Who else uses Bing or have used it in the past? Is this what it does? For me yes, it's exactly why I stopped using it.
  6. Norman_drey

    How to rank content faster on Google

    My competitor is always ahead of me, he spy on my blog each article I publish, he'll do the same and he ends up ranking immediately after publishing, Mine takes forever to get shown on Google. He's blog is 2yrs+ and mine is less than a month, I don't even know how he managed to discover my blog...
  7. L

    Google algorithm prediction in 2023

    1. The upgrade of e-commerce algorithm (1) The last two years of e-commerce algorithm for commodity reviews in the algorithm has been updated five times as of September this year. (2) Search product words under the SERP structure of Google's structured products continue to increase, currently...
  8. razharov

    Google UPADTE, December 16: Don't even try with YMYL anymore, E-A-T is now E-E-A-T

    Hey everyone! Google just released the new update, and it says a lot in few words again. Most important quote: "For example, if you're looking for information on how to correctly fill out your tax returns...
  9. B

    Does Anyone Successfully Change Company Image in Google Search Results?

    Can anyone tell me how Google chooses which image to use when it shows an image with the search results? I really want to change my company picture cuz I have so many better one. I've heard about using markup but idk if it's gonna work. Does anyone successfully do that? Below is an...
  10. G

    Impacting Google Related Searches

    This is a long shot.. I wonder if anyone knows a tool that is capable to emulate massive searches (without getting burn by captchas) in order to design the term highlighted at "Related searches" area?
  11. Wrath Of God

    Could the length of your content impact CTR?

    Not sure, if this has already been discussed here... Well, this new Google test could certainly influence things. Now triggered when content is quick to read on mobile and desktop. If your page can be read in under 5 minutes (that seems to be the threshold), Google is experimenting with...
  12. GNews

    Game Changer for SEO? Nearly 40% of Gen Z Prefer Tik Tok Searches Over Google Search

    Nearly 40% of Gen Z Prefer Tik Tok Over Google For Search written by: GNews Most SEO minds think Google has no chance of being toppled by another search engine, but a new ABCNews report about Generation Z may suggest otherwise. Today's internet users born between 1997 and 2002, betwween...
  13. seo_alexa002

    Here's another flex for you

    Here's another flex for you Source - Twitter
  14. Elminday

    Impressions disappeared for two months

    Hello, a new member here so excuse my possibly stupid questions :) What can cause impressions to almost disappear for my newly created blogging website? It was not down. Just all the impressions disappeared for two months then it got back. Screenshot:
  15. I

    SEO Experts, Help Me!

    Hey SEOs, I'm new. Please help me out with my questions. I will appreciate your every single tip! Challenge: - Completely New Domain - Rank on Page 1 on google. In case of my keyword, the first website ranking is a reputable Local Business Directory where anyone can add their business info...
  16. Spectra2000

    A question about GSC!

    Hello guys and welcome, Lately, i've been expirementing with SEO and parasites, and as every beginner, i am having problems that i need to solve, the problem of this time is Indexing by GSC. So, i had a Wordpress blog that i used to make landing pages for CPA in, and when i started this...
  17. juha7p9

    Google displays strange text in its search results

    Hi, I have a new site and google shows many of the pages its search results like this: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Santa Cruz, Bolivia: best attractions... The page's title tag is: Amsterdam, Netherlands: best attractions - travel guide Those words "Santa Cruz, Bolivia" don't even exist on this...
  18. T

    Website Posts indexing Problem

    Hey everyone! I'm concerned about my website, any post in there isn't indexed except the main website itself, i checked yahoo, bing and i found some of my posts but in google i applied so many times in google search console to get my posts indexed without any results, please if anyone know...
  19. O

    Do people still use zipcodes to search on google ?

    i have developed a site that is USA nationwide, but every single search is localized, i.e. plumbers in new york new york plumber out of all the tens of thousands of searches it has received (in google search console) not a single search is for a zipcode, they are all "name of place" &...
  20. HenryObi

    What Do You Think About You?

    They say you is another Google killer that promises a lot. A little similar to DuckDuck Go. uses data from bing, yahoo, reddit, Twitter and other sources at least according to the link below. My site is already ranking on Bing, I can't wait for You to gain traction so I can start...
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