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  1. R

    Google Play Spam 2022

    I was thinking of the theory of re-skinning existing apps i have copyrights to, and posting a lot of them (like over 100 or more). Is it possible in 2022? Will each individual reskinned app trigger a SPAM violation (100% of all posted apps - violation)? Or is it 50%/50% (50 will be spam, 50...
  2. Madruga

    Best Methods in 2022 to Kickstart a New Dating App?

    When you have a new app successfully up, besides the many creative promotion and advertisement you can do for it, blackhat, gray and white hat etc, what are some of the things you would make sure to do as soon as possible to get it from 0 installs to some or plenty. Purchasing advertisement from...
  3. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  4. LegendAndroidX

    [Journey] Publishing 20 Android App and Generate +50$/day

    Straight forward , i'm going to start this journey to keep myself motivated. i have over 7 years in publishing android apps & games. this time i'm going to Publishing 20 Android App in ONE GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT ! and generate +50$ per day. if my account get closed or didn't reach 50$ with...
  5. spamco

    Solutions To All Reskin Problems

    Im Back to smash dollars again , if you from morocco/tangier leave a comment or contact me i be happy to work together and share knowledge, even if you are not from morocco that fine , you all welcome guys i promise i share anything i know to help also you can ask me here in comments about...
  6. N1ckG2

    ▶️ [METHOD] ▶️ [HOW-TO] ▶️ Rank & Bank APPs ✅ & Mobile Games ✅ on iOS ✅ & Google Play ✅ in 60 Days on Less ⚡

    How to Rank & Bank FREE APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less Get my full strategy and discover how to: Select the right niche – get this wrong and everything else can fail Choose the right keywords for your app Optimize your listing to outperform competitors Get more...
  7. astrix

    google play account +600 suspend and still working

    i just want you to know how this person can bypass the protection of Google Play He has more than 600 deleted apps and his account is still working & all his apps violate copyrights.
  8. Tatsuhiko

    Admob Limit Solution

    Hey Guys What The Best Setting Here To Slow Down Limit
  9. spamco

    my mobile app journey 20k month - from hero to zero

    from making 20k dollars in month to zeros , i dropped from school in 2017 , i staretd wagging working regular jobs for hours ,my family is really poor i didnt know where is my life is going , everything about my life was terrible i had nothing no friends no hobbies nothing , i worked all day...
  10. Y

    [HELP] The most important TRICKS for the ASO in Google Play store !!!

    i've decided to enter this world about reskin and making money from it but During these period, nobody, even single person has helped me to get valuable knowledge about Google Play.:weep::weep: I am tired of doing this business and I want to try something different, a bigger scale and a higher...
  11. M

    Where Can I Buy Google Play Gift Cards at Low Rate?

    Can you tell me a trusted online shop that sell google play gift cards in very cheap price? I want to resell it in my country. Its a very good business model nowadays in my country. I need your help to start this business. Please help me.
  12. James flood

    What is the best way to find mobile game niches ?

    Hi everyone. Can anybody tell me about the best way to find mobile android game niches and thank you :)
  13. all_rock

    How can i increase adwords installs?

    Hi friends, I try google ads for google play installs. But it progress slow. How can i increase installs without cpi increasing? or do you recommend another ad companies?
  14. spamco

    Admob ads limited problem

    Hello guys, recently this admob problem is hitting everyone, I got all my admobs limited some of them are very old. What I can't understand is some spam app with ads showing on every click without a problem, I get ads limit in 24h What I hope is to find a solution on this thread to solve or...
  15. spamco

    Hi I'm From Tanger

    Hey Guys I work on reskin mobile apps I'm From Tanger Morocco, anyone here lives here
  16. all_rock

    Using appodeal on 3rd party app market

    -Does anyone use appodeal on 3rd party app market (outside GooglePlay,Appstore,Amazon)? -Are ads shown? -If apps remove on Google Play,Appstore do ads still show(except admob, FAN)? They explained here. But it isn't enough for me. Does anyone experience? Thanks.
  17. R

    Facebook Audience Network 4.1

    From last 1 month I am getting 4.1 violation issue for every app, my all apps are very good quality very high functionality, but every time Facebook show again and again give same notice Any one here, who facing same issue and any solution
  18. totkrot

    High Quality Approved GOOGLE PLAY DEVELOPER Accounts for Sale

    High Quality Approved Google Play Developer Accounts for Sale Authorized seller (deposit paid) in Mobile Pirate community. We care for our reputation and provide only high-quality product. Price: $85 per account. Discounts if you buy more than 10 accounts (Please note that you cover the...
  19. spamco

    Best Admob Alternative

    Hey Guys :) Is There Any Good Admob Alternative For Apps -not games- Besides Facebook Audience Network , Is There Any Other Good Network Anyone Here Tried to work with others networks For Me , I tried Startapp But IT Was Really Bad , Please Share Your Experience So Anyone that has problems...
  20. Lukmat

    Create multiple Google Play accounts and Admob/Adsense accounts 2020 - avoid ID verification

    Hi, I see many people in 2020 have problem with multiple Google Play accounts creation. Some people in some countries have ID verification, not all cards are accepted by Google. So people getting common email from Google Play: There are methods to bypass this and stay under the radar. You...