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  1. belterlivin

    Android App, Google Play

    I am an android developer i create apps and share them on google play since 2019 i promote my apps through Facebook ads to generate more app installs, i can drive more than 10K installs per day to my app, but i have some questions about it, why the most users uninstall the app even if they are...
  2. T

    Google/Gmail accounts for short usage

    I am looking for a way to create new google accounts that I only need for 15 minutes so it doesn't matter if they get banned.
  3. Tatsuhiko

    (SOLUTION) high risk problem - google play developers accounts getting banned problem

    hello dear reskinners , recently many of you faced huge account termination problems , mainly the high risk problem , usaly accunts getting banned fresh or with an app in review and the problem is related to many factors , and solution is simple - you are using same source code in multiple...
  4. daktyl

    Google Play reloading issue for services arbitrage

    Is there a way to reload an freshly made Google Play account from Turkey or India with gift cards from their countries? It seems to be impossible, I've used VPNs but it's not enough, I haven't explored residential proxies yet. The goal is the do services arbitrage (paying way less for european...
  5. T

    Advice with using third party mediators like CEDR

    Recently google play wrongly suspended one of my apps. The main reason they gave was the app does not function and it has a critical policy violation this is complete bullshit because when i first uploaded the app it was approved by human check first time without any issues at all then after...
  6. br1go

    [ASO] Google Play - Need to boost CTR

    Need to boost CTR on Google Play for my app. PM me.
  7. J

    Publish App on Google Play

    Could anyone assist me in publishing an app with A/B pages? Page A is the standard page, featuring small games and similar content, while Page B is a genuine H5 page. Page B is designed to be accessible only to certain IPs. If an IP does not have the required access, users will only be able to...
  8. Tinieblas

    What is the best way to cash out US Google play balance ?

    Hello, I have multiple US google play accounts with balance, what is the best affordable ( time and fees ) to withdraw the balance ?
  9. spamco


    hey guys im back again with a new updated method to create multiple accounts without getting banned working in 2023 , this method is for free im still using it to this day the method : 1- get dolphine browser / its the same as multilogin but the good thing that it lets you create 10...
  10. Morethanpanel

    Backlink from google plays & App

    Hey Guys! I'm looking for someone who can supply for me googleplays or app backlink. I will buy bulk. You can write in thread. Thanks
  11. conexur

    Google trust and ASO on Google Play

    Hi, I want yo share with you one theory I have about trust and Google Play position of an app. I really appreciate your opinions on this. So if you have multiple GP accounts, I bet this accounts don't have any mobile device assigned, location enabled, activity on other apps, etc on it because...
  12. N1ckG2

    ⭐❤️ Make Money Guide ❤️⭐ ▶️ Rank & Bank ▶️ APPs & Mobile Games ✅ on iOS ✅ & Google Play ⛔️ 40% OFF ⛔️

    Learn How to Rank & Bank APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less! Make Money with APPs & Games Even if You Can't Code! Original BST: Use Coupon code...
  13. R

    Google Play Spam 2022

    I was thinking of the theory of re-skinning existing apps i have copyrights to, and posting a lot of them (like over 100 or more). Is it possible in 2022? Will each individual reskinned app trigger a SPAM violation (100% of all posted apps - violation)? Or is it 50%/50% (50 will be spam, 50...
  14. Madruga

    Best Methods in 2022 to Kickstart a New Dating App?

    When you have a new app successfully up, besides the many creative promotion and advertisement you can do for it, blackhat, gray and white hat etc, what are some of the things you would make sure to do as soon as possible to get it from 0 installs to some or plenty. Purchasing advertisement from...
  15. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  16. LegendAndroidX

    [Journey] Publishing 20 Android App and Generate +50$/day

    Straight forward , i'm going to start this journey to keep myself motivated. i have over 7 years in publishing android apps & games. this time i'm going to Publishing 20 Android App in ONE GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT ! and generate +50$ per day. if my account get closed or didn't reach 50$ with...
  17. spamco

    Solutions To All Reskin Problems

    Im Back to smash dollars again , if you from morocco/tangier leave a comment or contact me i be happy to work together and share knowledge, even if you are not from morocco that fine , you all welcome guys i promise i share anything i know to help also you can ask me here in comments about...
  18. N1ckG2

    ▶️ [METHOD] ▶️ [HOW-TO] ▶️ Rank & Bank APPs ✅ & Mobile Games ✅ on iOS ✅ & Google Play ✅ in 60 Days on Less ⚡

    How to Rank & Bank FREE APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less Get my full strategy and discover how to: Select the right niche – get this wrong and everything else can fail Choose the right keywords for your app Optimize your listing to outperform competitors Get more...
  19. astrix

    google play account +600 suspend and still working

    i just want you to know how this person can bypass the protection of Google Play He has more than 600 deleted apps and his account is still working & all his apps violate copyrights.
  20. Tatsuhiko

    Admob Limit Solution

    Hey Guys What The Best Setting Here To Slow Down Limit
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