google play account has been terminated

  1. Tatsuhiko


    hey guys most of us here are dealing with the id verifiaction when creating google play developer accounts here some solutions - just buy ready verified fresh google play developer , try to find a supplier of google play developer accounts , buy accounts and start publishing your apps without...
  2. A

    [Google Play Console]: The Secret of not Being Terminated

    Hello, I hope you are doing great. Just like many here, I'm trying to find the secret of not being terminated on new Google Play Developer Console account. I will tell you a brief of my story, short and straight to the point. Ok, here I am making 1000 USD a day, I get terminated for a dumb...
  3. M

    identify and number for google play console

    hi, i need number and id card for play console. I asked everyone around me. all closed. If you want a new ID card or number, where do you find it?
  4. E

    Google play developer account termination - life time ban

    Well.. It happened to me too. Google terminated my google play developer account that I've opened for my startup due to prior violations. My best guess is that it happened because the developer I hired has had his account terminated and complied the games I wanted to publish with the same PC he...
  5. rachid2012

    ✔ [VCC's and Google Play Developer Accs] ✔ █ Top Quality & Price █ 100% ✔ NO multi accounts issue

    . Approved Google Play Developer Accounts Ready to use created in high quality VPs with Fresh IP's Avoid Multi-accounts issue Accounts from different locations all over the world. For only 59$ ==[ 10 % DISCOUNT FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER ]== ==[ACCOUNTS]== 1-High quality accs 2-Fresh...
  6. spamco

    Prior Violation - Google play console developer

    Hey guys Prior violation was the biggest problem In google play in 2020 so far Every account u open it, after u publish an app, you account get suspended because of prior violation Here some solutions : CHANGE ADMOB CHANGE SOURCE CODE CHANGE WHERE YOU CREATE/SIGN YOUR APP ( POSSIBLY Android...
  7. spamco

    Multilogin For Google Play Developer

    Hey Guys, IS multilogin works for creating multiple google play developer accounts Is anyone here are using it How was your experience with multilogin Do You Guys recommend it Thanks
  8. spamco

    End Of Multiple Google PLAY Developer 2020

    Hey guys is anyone here having problems lately with prior violation / multiple accounte issues? Im using Vmware - Firefox - 3G Modem But Somehow Google tracks me Any solution?? Thanks
  9. spamco

    The End Of Multiple Google Play Developer 2020

    Hey Guys , I Was Shocked Recently That Not Only Me But Lot Friends , Members Of This Forum And Other Forums , Complaining About Google Closing Their Accounts , I Lost 50 acc this Month , my friend lost 20 and the list goes on ... I Want Everyone To Share His Experience With prior violations /...
  10. spamco

    Problem Google Play Developer ID Verification

    Hey Guys, Unfortunately Google play developer start asking To Verify With ID Card, So That why I start using proxies and vpn, problem here that I always got caught and my accounts get suspended, so that why I start thinking to re create accounts with 4G internet, I can Make A Fake ID With...
  11. all_rock

    Two same apps and ban about

    Hello, i had an app and it is banned. I uploaded it again with new package name without change any code, key, image. Now my old banned app is reinstated by Google Play Team. There are two same app in my console now. My developer account can be banned, what must i do? I think i must transfer one...
  12. A

    Google Play Développer Suspended what should i do ?

    Hello blackhatworld FRIENDS Today i receive the worst email , Google just terminated my Google play développer i up To 100$ gone with it The problem was from one of my new app that include my website But Google think that i'm not the owner of the website so what should i do is there any way To...
  13. Hello Fello

    Violation of Webviews and Affiliate Spam policy

    Hi everyone! Need help with Google play console! So I published an app on google play store a week before. It was successfully up and running, but today, it suddenly got suspended. I got the mail saying "We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to a website or...
  14. rachid2012

    ✔ [Google Play Developer Accs] ✔ █ Quality ★★★ & Price ★★★ █ 100% ✔ NO multi accounts issue

    . Approved Google Play Developer Accounts Ready to use created in high quality VPs with Fresh IP's Avoid Multi-accounts issue Accounts from different locations all over the world. For only 59$ ==[ 10 % DISCOUNT FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER ]== ==[ACCOUNTS]== 1-High quality accs 2-Fresh...
  15. all_rock

    About to reupload the app on Google Play

    I had one app on google play but my account has been banned. I want to reupload its and i saw methods on this forum. But I have a few questions. 1) Which font do I must change for fingerprinting on VM? (Exp: Windows, Android Studio styles, or My app Font) 2) I will change my app's package...
  16. Abdel GFX

    Any tricks to bypass Google Play Bot ?

    Hi guys, like it's mentioned in the title, is there any tricks or resources that could help me to bypass the fucking Google Play AI ? And also how to not get banned for the Prior Violation reason ? I'm really suffering with creating dev accounts. In fact it's ok every time I create an account...
  17. Yasser Addadi

    My journey With Google Play Since 2015

    I made this post for all the reskinners to share their Informations, results and solutions with the new onces in this field, and starting with me I'll share all my knowledge and also my results with the aim of assisting the other new members. Feel free to ask, and I wish that we could talk more...
  18. A

    Prior violation google play account has been terminated

    I'm suffering with google, every time I create an account after a week google farm, I tested several methods (VPN, RDP, VM ....) but still the same problem, if anyone has an effective methods thank you for helping us, and share with us your experience
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