google index problem

  1. colacolacola

    Facebook fan page not indexed by Google

    Hi, we have an English-language Facebook fan page in the Philippines that has been unable to appear in Google search results. Only a few videos have been indexed, but the home of the fan page still hasn't. My goal is to get it indexed by Google and preferably appear on the first page (brand...
  2. P

    Question about website google indexing! Google indexed addon domain without request and not showing the main domain at all.

    TL;DR – An addon domain is apparent in google search instead of the main domain. Hello gents, I'm freaking out a bit and really hope that I can get some help here! I made a WordPress website for someone on his domain, I was doing some tests on an addon domain that I added to this domain via...
  3. Johnpeterburs

    Real collapse of Content Writing in 2023. Guess what?

    In the last 2 months initially, it was quite surprising with ChatGPT throwing all fascinations to the extreme and all heads marching to grab fresh chickens out in the park. But days passing on, it's a battle for native writers vs AI thrown-ups as to who's got the better one. The Followingly...
  4. F

    Someone to Indexing 6 billions pages (Auto-Generated Content) on Google

    I need someone who knows how to index 6 million pages created automatically from a website with phone numbers. The sitemaps are sent to Google Search Console and there are 156k indexed pages, but I can't index more. I tried with but it doesn't work so I need another method...
  5. jsalim93

    Google Search Console (Index Issues)

    Hello Fellas, I need help with Google index issues on the search console
  6. T

    Website Posts indexing Problem

    Hey everyone! I'm concerned about my website, any post in there isn't indexed except the main website itself, i checked yahoo, bing and i found some of my posts but in google i applied so many times in google search console to get my posts indexed without any results, please if anyone know...
  7. G

    What did I do wrong with my site?

    I have installed rank math which I download from this forum (Festinger files). Set it up in my website for SEO and put my urls into their instant indexing options. I created products 2 months ago and submit my site on google search console last month. Sitemap submission is successful. My...
  8. Elminday

    How to solve

    Hello fellow blackhatters! I have a page: It was posted on 2022/01/10 - still not indexed by papa Google. Google is saying that it has no errors - "Crawled - currently not indexed". What can be the...
  9. Didou

    Indexing Problem!! What to do!!

    Hello everyone Since the beginning of January 2022, I've been experiencing indexing issues with my latest articles. I'd like to know whether I'm the only one encountering this annoying problem, or if others of you are as well. To be honest, it irritates me and has really demotivated me from...
  10. H

    How Can I Index My Webste in 1 Month?

    Hi Blackhatworld Community, this is my first thread I think after a long time. We all are aware of Google's slow indexing issue. So I need help regarding it. I want to index my website ASAP without touching the GSC. I'm following some ways but I want to know more and need guidance from you guys...
  11. Vinny3001

    My Website Home Page is not being Indexed on Google

    Hi, I don't know why my website home page is not being indexed on google. I have some irrelevant pages indexed but the important pages are not. On search console it says that 1 page is valid and 16 are excluded. I have submitted a sitemap. I clicked request indexing. Nothing seems to work. Ant...
  12. Hamza Hashim

    Google is Not Indexing my Website

    Hello community members, I have started an Amazon Affiliate website on june 5th, 2021. Till now I have posted 70 articles but 23 of them are not indexed yet and also my site is getting clicks. Niche competiton is medium. What solution you guys can give me?
  13. bhuva47

    Google Deindexing Bug?

    Has anyone experienced google deindexing today? For example, my client's service page was deindexed. tried to index via GSC but not working. Is anyone experiencing the same? The strange thing is that everything seems to be normal when I check the URL in GSC. Also saw some tweets about the...
  14. IM Dude

    Discovered not indexed

    I got 4 blog pages on one of my site. They are under Discovered not indexed. I have updated the blogs , passes yoast seo with green light, did internal linking. I dont know what else to do to get them indexed. "indexing request are down" on google search console. This is crazy. I don't know...
  15. onlinework

    Looking for SEO Expert (Troubleshooting)

    I am looking for any SEO expert who has experience with the Google Index problem. Below are the error codes in short. - When I perform this search there are only 3 pages shown in the Google Index but when I search for the posts individually all of them are indexed...
  16. sir.rankalot

    Indexing Backlinks is a new problem in 2020. Almost all indexers are not working

    Many SEOs may notice the changes in the way Google index both your website as well as backlinks, some are still building backlinks and don't know that their links won't count. Yesterday is the 30th day since I notice the problem with indexers, while I get my links indexed by only 4-7% after 1...
  17. Starblazer

    Google won't show all indexed pages in search results - New quality guidelines

    Google has new quality guidelines to filter search results among the indexed pages. It means that Google will no longer show all indexed pages in search results. Your web pages might be crawled & indexed, but Google will ignore it on SERPs if it doesn't meet their quality standards. I used to...
  18. MrDenz

    Indexing brain games and Namecheap virus? o.O

    Dear Lord... If someone told me what I will go through in the last few days I would laugh so hard! This crap is driving me crazy! It all started 2 weeks ago, but it was not that big of a deal... Page on 3 websites started getting indexing and deindexing every 30 minutes, maybe 1 hour... 3...
  19. E

    Either way it can be indexed on Google in 5 to 10 minutes

    Anyone can come up with an idea that any link can be indexed on Google in 5 to 10 minutes and any tools.
  20. K

    Best google Indexer Tools 2020?

    Hi I want to know, what is the best link indexer tools in 2020? How to make google index my new published article faster?
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