google backlinks

  1. L

    Keyword Ranking question

    In ubersuggest Keyword : Seo Difficulty ia : 16 in top 10 websites 7 have zero backlinks my website post rank match seo score is : 81 will this work to rank this keyword on top ?
  2. bunnelld750

    How to create google links?

    Does anyone know how I can get direct google links or how to generate links from google?
  3. Azaan

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  4. Azaan

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  5. J

    Weird backlinks from Google

    I noticed some people created a hundred backlinks DR 90 from google. They just simply create the links as below and have google index. ........ Is this way considered white hat? Thanks
  6. Power Booster

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  7. Leith

    [HOW-TO] Get A Do-follow Link From Google (Chrome)

    ---------------------------------------- Note: This method has been shared previously on BHW by 'GoogleCrack' (a friend of mine!) but I felt the post wasn't as clear as it could have been. Although the method is the same, I'll be providing a slightly different approach to obtaining the link...
  8. M

    Are Backlinks in Comment Posting Banned by Google?

    I have heard from a friend of mine that Google no longer accepts backlinks from comment posting on different blogs. Is it true? Wont ScrapeBox work anymore? Thanks.
  9. redpill vs (Google vs Yahoo)

    I have 443 backlinks in but when I do I have 0 15k links are indexed by Google, but no backlinks shown. I used to have 1 backlink in google, they yahoo business directory, but they removed it for some reason... Any ideas? Thanks...
  10. M

    Why google is not showing any backlinks for my website?

    I am wrking on a new website & 2 months back i started generating links for this website. I am doing blog commenting, bookmarking, three way link exchange, & every single thing which we do to generate backlinks for our website. I can see 3K backlinks in yahoo site explorer but still i can't see...