google algorithm

  1. I

    manipulate the user experience in Google

    Guys, can we manipulate the user experience in Google and get priority in the keyword?
  2. Castamir

    [GUIDE] Google Search Algorithm Patents

    Google's search algorithm is the core of the search giant's business and the reason why it dominates the search engine market. The algorithm's complexity has evolved over the years, and today it takes into account hundreds of ranking factors to determine the most relevant search results for a...
  3. Castamir

    Only pay when it works. Get SUPER SEO backlinks that actually work.

    One of the main reasons Google is the dominant search engine is because it was the first to realize the importance of backlinks in SEO. When Google launched in 1998, it used a revolutionary algorithm for ranking web pages based on link popularity—meaning a page ranks higher if there are more...
  4. Goro333

    Duplicate Content Question

    Hello BHW Peeps, I have a journey that is failing miserably since Google's last big update (end of May, 2022). All of my keyword ranking has been erased, zero clicks from Google. Around 500 articles. My question and issue. Let's say that I have a category of articles around windshield...
  5. C

    My Site got hit by Fake DMCA

    I have a site with 300k traffic per month. Some random person (Competitor) has sent a DMCA notice that a few pages of articles are paraphrased. Indeed it was not paraphrased, the website was related to programming and the code logic remains the same. I can fight a legal case with the person but...
  6. Nishida

    What has been the most useful SEO topic for you at BHW?

    Hi, What has been the most useful SEO topic for you at BHW?
  7. SashaPavelMisha

    DMCA delisting is very *destructive* to Google algorithm, makes it go crazy, hence easy to hack

    this is a huge post and it's purely informational, 2yr old hacks been patched by google If you don't know, "DMCA delisting" is different from "DNCA notice/takedown". While notice removes search results from SERPs, delisting actually removes ranking pages from Google, so the problem of results...
  8. MrDenz

    Google: Sites Can Be Stuck In Algorithm Penalty Limbo For Several Years (Rare)

    This is true and not so "rare" if we are going to be honest, if we are going to lie then it is. In any case, all this is very scary... "Google's John Mueller said in this past Friday's hangout that in rare situations some sites can get stuck in some sort of algorithmic penalty limbo or black...
  9. kurosaki4d

    Help! Question about my backlinking method

    Hello, My goal is to get more traffic, improve the rankings of some of my articles. The site already has some good traffic, and it is generating money, so I take this seriously and I'm aiming for the long term. Something sustainable. I've been acquiring backlinks so far, by using on google...
  10. Starblazer

    [Guide] Rank your content using Entities in SEO

    This is my 2000th message in the forum. So, I've decided to post something useful. Although entities are popular, we don't discuss much about them. When I search for entities in BHW, half of the page is filled with my messages. Moreover, some members don't even know what they are. This post will...
  11. unknownmehed

    What's your finding after Google December Algorithm update?

    It is clear that December Google update is different. Lots of websites got hit hard by this update. But, extra attention got the affiliate websites. Pure affiliate sites are almost destroyed by this Google algorithm update. Instead of lots, I can say Most of the affiliate websites. You publish...
  12. S

    Duplicate Content on Subdomain

    Hello Guys, Let me tell my problem. I developed a new website for my agency on a subdomain like: and when I moved the content in the main domain: I forgot to put a noindex on the developing subdomain. Now, my friend Google indexed both verions of the...
  13. Starblazer

    [Case Study] Ranking a parasite for a high KD & high traffic keyword by reverse engineering Google algorithm

    When I was new to the SEO, I didn't bother much about backlinks or authority and continued to post helpful content in order to rank. Sometimes I've spent 3-4 days to research & write a single article. But, my pages rarely ranked and some trash pages from News or General niche sites used to...
  14. Aniket Roy

    [Doubt] Does Google consider SERVER LOCATION as a ranking factor?

    Say I work for a company whose target audience resides in the US. But the company is based outside of the US (India in my case). Now, I take extra precautions to avoid giving Google any signal that would make it identify my target audience wrongly. I even avoid building links on websites with a...
  15. akr007

    Sites Built on Expired Domain Getting Hit by the Big G

    Hello guys, Recently I noticed a good number of posts and comments that the sites built on expired domains and 301 redirections to the money sites are getting hit by Google. And I got to know that after I bought 2 auctioned domains from Sedo! :( Please share your experience. Is it true?
  16. W

    99% organic traffic loss, please help

    Over the last 10 months I have lost 99% of my organic search traffic from Google. Up until March of this year I was getting about 3000 organic search visitors a day from Google. As of now, I’m getting about 30 visitors a day from Google. When the June Core Update rolled out was when I lost a...
  17. unknownmehed

    November 2019 Google Algorithm Update Finding(Targeted "Best" & "Reviews" Domain)

    I have seen lots of websites got hit in this November Google Whose domain have "Best" & "reviews" word. I am giving here a few examples: 1) 2) 3) I track a lot of keywords on various niches. Thus, I have seen huge amounts of small sites that got hit...
  18. ninja21

    WhatsApp Chat Popup Affects Rankings?

    Hello everyone! One of my new websites is now ranking on the 1st page. Will the chat pop up on the website affect the rankings? Google Algorithms may consider that chat for lead gen? Did anyone test it? Or what you do think? Plugin...
  19. Shabzy

    SEO and Social Media Marketing strategy for Pharmaceutical Research Chemical Company

    Hello Guys, I currently run an ecommerce website using WordPress which sells research chemicals. Its quite a niche product but I understand Google restricted websites like mine under their "Medic Update" which affected YMYL websites. I have recently developed some back links through posting...
  20. Justinbullard

    What are the latest Google Algorithm update? What effect on site?

    What effect on site after a Google algorithm update
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