1. designer style

    [GUIDE] How to buy three .com domains for almost 10$

    Hi coupon code to buy the first domain from Cosmotwon for only $2.05 => COM23 coupon code to buy the second domain from Spaceship for only $2.04 => COM67 coupon code to buy the third domain from Godaddy for only $3.17 => GDD2dom (even if I don't recommend GoDaddy) *** ALL COUPONS ARE VALID FOR...
  2. M

    Godaddy website builder paypal button allowed?

    is a paypal button with link to paypal allowed on a godaddy website builder site to get payments from your clients? Or is GD forcing you to choose their expensive ecommerce plan or their godaddy payment ? Is it allowed to add a Skype burtton/ link to have live sessions with clients? (link goes...
  3. georgetoons

    GoDaddy site rank well?

    Hi BHW fam, I recently started a new blog site using the godaddy website builder. I have a lot of experince on wordpress but none on Godaddy or any other website builders. My question is, does it play a big role SEO wise the fact that i used godaddy? Will the ranking process be the same as...
  4. retsepmi

    domain buying query

    I saw a news website domain on auction on godaddy and it mentions "google ads and googles news apporved" in description which i also confirmed but i wonder if i bid highest and won auction, how will i be able to keep those google ads and news approved things?
  5. sladki03

    [Need Help] Anyone used catchall email for RankerX with a domain purchased from Godaddy?

    Hi, I purchased a domain from Godaddy and setup a catchall email in Godaddy server. But when I setup the email, it shows fail to login... is there anything I setup wrongly? Server Address: Server Port: 995 Server Type: POP3 <<< not sure where...
  6. drums

    How does godaddy determine the domain name value?

    I have some domain names. Godaddy has given a value to domain names. Is this a scam?
  7. malina1

    Godaddy domain name value service

    Hey, I have a domain And Godaddy wrote that the Estimated Value is: $1,283 Does anyone have the experience to sell domains at so high price? Is that possible? and how to do it?
  8. C

    Godaddy suspended my account and now i cant access my domains

    Hi giys i am in abit of a jamp here and i need for some help. So i had some pbns i had bought couple of years back and transferred them to my godaddy account .A week ago i receive an email for copyright trademark from godaddy that my account is suspended because of one of the sites. So all my...
  9. cubitly

    Can't find TXT DNS Records For GoDaddy Auction Verification

    I bid on one domain in GD auctions after few days today I got an email of counter offer from the seller I opened GD and accepted the offer paid the amount to GD, But now I am checking it is registered with "NETWORK SOLUTIONS REGISTRAR" and not with godaddy. I googled and got to know GD verify...
  10. cubitly

    Godaddy Auction Related Question.

    Asking Because Last Time I Paid Money To GD for another good domain and I ended up getting refund after 4 days instead of domain. OLD POST Link - So on my 26th may I had put a bid...

    Any GoDaddy domain renew coupons?

    .NET domain Thanks
  12. CreativeDaddy

    And the worst 2021 technical support goes to........ Godaddy!

    I just had this experience some minutes ago. I had to open a ticket requesting a simple DNS change because their manual system was always giving a error and this happen. Resume: The person in charge of my support ticket, made me request multiple password changes and got it a 7 days block. The...

    laboratory test related domain selling place?

    Hi i have a EMD .net domain related to laboratory tests 2k searches US. DR20 10 years old. i added that to godaddy and sedo but no luck still. is there any place that i can try to sell this domain.. Thank you
  14. D

    Over 1 Million WordPress Websites Breached

    According to several sources over a million WordPress websites hosted by GoDaddy have been compromised because of their hosting servers. Not sure why anyone would do business with GoDaddy outside of auctions. If you are hosted there I hope you have off cloud backups. Always have backups...

    Luck or no Luck ?

    today i tried godaddy auctions first time because i saw "mycountry".net was at auction for $12 20 years old and have some monthly traffic about 500 guess what ..i'm the only bidder ... did i miss something or .. i can't believe it :confused:
  16. JohnKowalski

    Go Daddy if FU***NG Ridiculous !!!

    I have purchased 1 .xyz domain for 5 PLN (Polish Zloty) that's about 1.20 Euro and they want a bunch of the documents to verify the account, because I have logged in from a different IP. They wrote: Request to verify the order Hello ! Thank you for being our valued customer. Our verification...
  17. ShehuAB

    How do I change a permanent redirect on godaddy?

    I am forwarding my domain to a cpa smartlink and chose 301 permanent redirect. The network changed the link so I have to update mine too, but after changing it on godaddy, still being taken to the old one. How do I get it changed please? Thanks
  18. hazzi

    Namesilo to godaddy ?

    Ok so i bought shared Wordpress hosting from godaddy and a domain from namesilo but when i add the DNS A record from godaddy to namesilo it don’t work. Even after 15 minutes ?
  19. Sebastian Velandia

    My Godaddy Account got hacked and hacker changed DNS of my domain (PLEASE HELP)

    Hello yesterday morning my Godaddy account got hacked, I have managed the situation and I will surely recover access to my account and my domains are safe... However the hacker changed the DNSs of my domains, my websites are pointing to an empty folder, so all the ranked pages I have in SERPs...
  20. DigiMarketBee

    Confused about hosting plan upgrade

    Hi I'm using hosting in GoDaddy Starter Linux Hosting(30GB storage) with cPanel now. I need to renew it next month. I have a WordPress blog which is a health and beauty niche. My blog loading speed is low. I'm using CDN, autooptimize, and smush for the images. But no use. Still my blog mobile...
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