Godaddy Auction Related Question.


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Jan 4, 2021
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Asking Because Last Time I Paid Money To GD for another good domain and I ended up getting refund after 4 days instead of domain. OLD POST Link -

So on my 26th may I had put a bid on GD auction domain after that I got this email
Since this domain was a company domain I thought nothing will happen and I thought it was listed by glitch like the last time. But 17 hours back I got this email.
I have opened the link and made the payment. Does this means this domain is actually on sale and It will get it transferred in my GD account in few days? According to WHOIS it is registered with NETWORKSOLUTIONS in how many days I can expect to get this domain.

Is there anyway for me to verify that the seller have verified their ownership with GD I searched the domain in TXT Lookup but did not find godaddy written in the records.

There are no special links it is just old domain with good name.
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