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  1. KJREDDY247@

    What tools are you Using for Geo Tagging?

    Suggest me the best tools available for Geo-Tagging Images?
  2. OaklandSwift

    Looking for a GMB expert (home services)

    I want to develop a network of lead-gen GMBs for 2 specific niches (both home services). I'm looking for something like having 1 GMB in each major US city to get leads from. I'm not very familiar with the process of creating/managing GMBs, so I need help: 1) What do I need to create a GMB...
  3. internet marketing

    Gmb verification trick

    Anyone can suggest me gmb verification without postcards or email. Plz tell me how to instant approve.
  4. D

    GMB Gamer - Only Real Deal People

    Ladies and Gents, I am in the HVAC niche in NYC - people are completely gaming the Maps GMB in my market The number one position is filled by someone who doesnt even have a website, it's clearly gamed I am in need of a person who completely knows how to game the map - I want to build a long...
  5. hackgrowth

    Dumbing Down GMB

    Wrote this long post to help a fellow member understand ranking and renting GMB... and thought I'd post it here to help clear things up for whoever has trouble understanding the concept. This is as per my understanding, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! --- So... Y'know when you...
  6. See Gre

    GMB + Social Media + Citations + Backlinks = Google Ranking

    To rank your GMB you need to boost your business on all platforms. Regular work of many months will give you fruitful results by ranking your GMB on Google. Just having reviews won't work. What do you think?
  7. dezin

    Suggest me GMB Listing Training with out postcard

    Hey, I am going to experiment a Local Seo site, I heard its possible to do a gmb listing on your own. I didn't find any trustable service yet. Can anyone suggest me training or service link? Arigato
  8. See Gre

    Role of Q&A in GMB

    Positive reviews have good impact in online reputation of any business. Similarly Q&A also impact GMB reputation and SEO also it seems genuine and help in optimization. What do you think?
  9. D

    GMB Posts for getting your listings ranked in the top of the Map Pack

    While everyone is purchasing fake reviews and cheap citations that don’t cut it, very few are utilizing the GMB post feature to their advantage. If done right, this strategy is not only one of the cheapest but one of the most effective as well. How often should you be posting content to your...
  10. D

    How to manage your Google My Business Listings – DON’T SCREW IT UP!

    One of the questions that come up regularly is, how do you manage multiple GMBs? In case you own a local business, it’s perfectly fine having several GMBs with the same company name stored on the same Gmail account. Take good care of your Google account. You don’t want to lose the account or...
  11. raptor911

    LOCAL SEO: What is important?

    Hy guys, I´m trying to rank a local business right now. Already got some results by buying Citations and adding Social Signals. Of course everything NAP consistent. GMB already optimized. Now I don´t really know what else could help to rise in local ratings ? Do you guys know any more ways to...
  12. A

    Any bots for GMB's ?

    hi guys, any bots that will go to and not maps for ctr that are out there ? i know there a lot of for websites , but haven't found one for google maps.
  13. D

    it support hello world

    hey everyone , i'm working as an it support since 4 months and the manager gas given me a new mission , wich SEO with google my business , i'm having a lot of trouble with GMB profiles , hoping to find the solution here ... tools , techniques , etc ... thanks world
  14. C

    Local & Organic SEO expert needed

    Hello, Looking for a local & organic SEO expert. You must have over 5 years experience and prove your success. Please DM for more info.
  15. Nateolsen

    GMB SEO checking keywords and other info your competitors are using.

    This is a basic method to view competitors categories and other data since Google tries to hide that information from you.
  16. Nateolsen

    Anyone Else Notice Google My Business Updating?

    So I have noticed most of the industries that Google has been updating what exactly they are doing is speculation at this point but I am noticing it appears they are considering going back to the A, B, & C format. Has anyone else seen this? I have seen this for almost every category but seems...
  17. Nateolsen

    GMB Checking out your competitions category

    GMB SEO and checking out your competition's categories. You can check the main category by simply looking at the competition listings. But what if you want to see all of their categories? You used to see them by clicking on their page but Google now only shows the main category. Now you...