geographic targeting

  1. fxmanaged

    Most Followers from US, but most leads from UK. Why?

    Our top follower locations are US 24% and UK 7%. We're in the US and have always operated our TikTok account from Miami. Nevertheless, the great majority of leads that complete our lead form in TikTok are coming from the UK and other countries in Europe. Out of the last 33, none have been from...
  2. F

    Google Webmaster Tools - Geotargeting?

    Does someone of you use this feature? Will it help me or hurt me? Since the website is about celebrity and not about some local shop in NY or w/e?
  3. A

    Best Way to Monetize Blog with Geographically Targeted Traffic

    Hey Guys! I am new to this whole thing, so be gentle. I recently started a wordpress site and got adsense approval and all that good stuff. I had no views for a while but now one of my posts have done relatively well. I estimate that it will get around 10k views (its at 7k right now and the...
  4. sugarwillis

    Good iframer/dmr/geo Site Designer for CPA

    Im in need of someone who is experienced with iframing cpa offers and the use of DMR/spoofing refferers and also geo targeting cpa campaigns. I have several sites that need work on them but i have one that is of high priority.... Its a PSP download site/ old Clickbank review site that...
  5. helpnub

    Making the Most Out of Every Click

    I've found some great nuggets of lateral marketing ideas on this site so thanks all. When promoting CPA offers I use a combination of PPC and placement targeting. A lot of the site placements don't have the ability to geographically separate the traffic. Many of the CPA offers are only US...
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