Best Way to Monetize Blog with Geographically Targeted Traffic


Jun 23, 2015
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Hey Guys!

I am new to this whole thing, so be gentle. I recently started a wordpress site and got adsense approval and all that good stuff. I had no views for a while but now one of my posts have done relatively well. I estimate that it will get around 10k views (its at 7k right now and the post has been up for a couple of days).

So adsense is giving me a couple of bucks for this. And while that is 2 bucks more than i thought i would be getting, I think that I can be making more. I realized that 90% of my traffic is going to be extremely targeted. Age 17 - 23 from a particular city (Bangalore in this case). How can I use this knowledge to monetize similar posts? I reckon that I can replicate this with other articles and get highly geo-targeted traffic on other articles. However, with my costs involved, I need to be making more than 5 bucks per day for it to work.

Any gurus here have any ideas? Please help a noob.


TLDR: Getting traffic from one city in India for a particular post. Going to try to replicate the process for other cities in India, but want to monetize effectively since all the traffic will come from youngsters in that city. How best to get $$$ using this demographic info?
TBH your getting decent traffic BUT it's from a tier 3 country. Meaning, the traffic is worth very little to advertisers.
Another thing you can try, depending on the topic of your site/articles is monetizing with cpa offers or amazon.
Other than that the only things you can do to increase your earnings are either multiply your traffic or start targeting more tier 1 countries (ie US/UK)
Ahh man thats a bummer. I should sprinkle in some Affiliate links huh? Do you guys recommend amazon or flipkart?
I am thinking of linking the traffic to a beauty article on my site, and set up an affiliate link on that link
If you give it time with Adsense, you can easily get higher quality advertisements and synchronize it within to coincide the rates and streamline offer efficiency.

I always put pop ups, Adsense and a CPA slider ad inside my site to monetize it across a wide vertical an ps range of offers.
Try reaching local businesses in your niche and offer them ad space or even leads or affiliates service or whatever... (they pay you for every lead/sale that comes thru you - just like online)
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