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    I've found some great nuggets of lateral marketing ideas on this site so thanks all.

    When promoting CPA offers I use a combination of PPC and placement targeting. A lot of the site placements don't have the ability to geographically separate the traffic. Many of the CPA offers are only US based so I might only get 40% traffic to my offer and the rest of the clicks will generally be redirected by the CPA company somewhere else.

    I use PHP to check the location and direct the click either to the offer, a compatible/similar offer that allows that country - that could be another CPA offer, ClkBank, PayDot or whatever. If I can't match the offer the last resort is an offer that is available internationally. These usually pay peanuts but it's better than nothing. I create an interstitual page which tells the customer that the offer isn't available in their area and is a better user experience than simply redirecting without telling the clicker what's happening.

    I used ip2nation which had a PHP sample, created the DB on my host etc. I'm only a beginner PHP and I could understand and customize the code sample. I'm sure there are other country DBs out there but this was free, very easy to implement and so far has been about 99% accurate.