Good iframer/dmr/geo Site Designer for CPA


Apr 29, 2008
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Im in need of someone who is experienced with iframing cpa offers and the use of DMR/spoofing refferers and also geo targeting cpa campaigns.

I have several sites that need work on them but i have one that is of high priority....

Its a PSP download site/ old Clickbank review site that still has about 3 - 400 uniques a day comming in.

Id like to iframe a email submit on the site and make out they will be unlocking a massive warez database for psp games etc.

The traffic is mostly mosly US but there is a touch of UK & Aus traffic so if possible id like to geo target these users and make a seperate offer apear.

Payment will be made via either paypal or ill allow you to have your affiliate links on the site for 3 - 4 days... Of which if dont right will pull in several hundred dollars worth of email submits.

I also have a few other sites i would like work done on (similar scope) but the PSP site is first up..

PM to discuss further !!!
thanks for the PMs people....

Please dont send me a PM unless you are familiar with the tasks required, I have received alot of messages from people who have no idea about what im talking about but claim they will do the job...

Experience is a must, I dont want to get my accounts canned or be pulled from offers due to the work being done incorrectly.
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