game hack niche

  1. purple phoenix

    Gaming Hack Niche

    Does any one still profit from gaming hack offers? It seems like the internet has gotten a lot smarter now.
  2. MehtaM

    Can I promote 'game-hack' CPA proof videos on YouTube through Google adwords?

    Example "clash of clans gem generator" Another question: how many views can I get with $1000 ad budget?
  3. bootz

    Is this the End of Game Hack Niche on YT

    Hello BlackHatWorld ! As the title says is this the end of YOUTUBE GAME HACK NICHE.? I've been doing this stuff for almost 2 years and i am earning like 70$ to 120$ a day without having any problems on my video even if they're doing an update. But this recent update due to COVID19 VIRUS. even...
  4. Nick007815

    Using subdomains for Game Hack niche safe?

    I own a 4L .com domain (not google indexed) Now I created multiple subdomains SLL verified and want to start making content (Game/App Hacks) , if I don't link to the main domain and a subdomain gets penelized (which will obvisously happen sooner or later) Does it 1. Effect the other subdomains...
  5. Nick007815

    Tips on how to bot get penelized by Google 2019

    Has anyone got tips on how to not get penelized on google,ive been out of the blackhat niches since my main site 5k visitors a day ( Game/App Hacks) got penelized on google search. Now I want to get back at it already bought 4L domain and created Subdomains (read that subdomains , if penelized...
  6. nabilox

    Control tex/number who's already on img

    Hi ! Hope all of you have a great day, PLease i try to control text who's already in the image, how i can convert a image text to editable text ?? or how can i make a text similar to one who's in the image ... i really hope someone give me some advices example: i want to make some change to...
  7. sunil0021

    Earning money from game hack, iphone jailbreak videos?

    I saw tons of people buying views to rank their mobile game hack and iphone jailbreak videos, how do they earn money from that? because no one will spend $200+ per video for $10-$20 earning. i know it's cpa but how does that work.
  8. cgt web

    who can creat a CPA youtube video for me?

    hey, guys, I have this awesome landing page in the game hack niche and I am looking for someone to create a video of a fake generator working and end result resources being added to the game it focuses on. Who here can help with this?
  9. Mcherch

    Game hack niche and youtube

    Hey guys, I had a question. I see alot of cpa guides, and the method they use over and over is posting youtube videos to drive traffic. I have made a youtube video for a game hack, but it keeps getting taken down and i get a content strike. How do people get away with posting generator / fake...