1. Mostbet Partners

    MostBet Partners - Direct Gambling/Betting Advertiser with huge amount of GEOs

    Are you prepared to increase your profit? Join Mostbet Partners today! Are you seeking a profitable collaboration in the realm of betting and gambling? Search no more! Our partners program is an ideal fit for you. Wondering why you should team up with us? Here's the answer: ✅ Licensed...
  2. P

    FB BH Online Gambling Ads + Cloaking

    Currently im running cloaking ads on fb, yes it still works, can run for 6 months wouldnt restriction or get caught. But however, the result is not very good. I know it is creatives + contents problem. Coz traffic still high, landing page views high. But seems gamblers are not interested with...
  3. O

    Shopify Online Gambling Indonesia

    Hello guys do you know how to make shopify webste more longer to live before suspend like this ? shopify website can live for 1 days only, but i see another people can make it more longger until 4-5 days, please help me for this guys thankyou guys
  4. nutraFB

    ▶️▶️WE CREATE - SET UP - APPROVE - RUN▶️▶️☘️☘️NUTRA WEIGHT LOSS DIABETES☘️☘️ ALL BANNED FB ADS❤️❤️ FB AGENCY A/c $1000 - $10,000 /day❤️❤️

    ★★ NUTRA-FB Ads SERVICE LAUNCHED ★★ OUR EXPERTISE: 1. Nutra - Weight Loss - Diabetes and ALL Banned Subjects (including AFFILIATE Links) 2. We Create Your Facebook and Instagram Ads (from Scratch) 3. We Set Up a Successful Campaign 4. Target Accurate Customers (basis age, sex, gender, country...
  5. W

    Looking for UBER clean static residential proxies to launch gambling "syndicate"

    I have been betting on Dota 2 now for around 4 years, and playing for around 10. Long story short, I've really honed my betting skills - but unluckily I'm located in the US where there are only like 2 websites to choose from that offer Dota 2 betting, both grey-market BTC books. I've used...
  6. W


    I use ads on gambling and my pixels are attached on our website. What's the best optimization/campaign to run? I was running "Websitie Leads" before using BM accounts and customized the deposit button as "Lead". Now, I am using individual accounts to run ads, but running "Website Leads" seems...
  7. P

    Facebook gambling campaign

    what is the best Facebook gambling campaign to use ?
  8. J

    Recover from the last Google Helpful Content Update

    Hi Folks, Saw a lot of post saying that their rankings tanked after the last Google Helpful Content Update. I was amongst the unlucky ones that got hit hard, and being in the gambling niche where it's highly competitive. I was really stressed out after the website literally hit rock bottom...
  9. P

    FB gambling got block in middle ads

    Hi, is anyone know the best way to run gambling campaign on FB ? i already using bitly > heylink > money site, i make 1 week campaign but after day 3 the ads got rejected. anyone know why ?
  10. kib0rg

    Slot casino games developing

    Hey all! Could you help me, please? I'm looking for websites, forums, blogs or courses about Casino Slot game development. Interested in RNG, dynamic math, algorithms, design and also about how to code slote games. Currently developing my own slot, but want to find the best practices. Thank you.
  11. A

    Link building for Thai Casino Website

    Hi, would like to ask what are the ways to link building for Thai Casino website besides PBN?
  12. P

    Looking for sports betting affiliate program for my startup site

    Looking to advertise on my site via sports gambling affiliate. Site offers streaming of baseball content in a unique format that will likely attract a good amount of traffic. Site will be 100% stable come next season, but is in working condition for the playoffs. Traffic is low right now, but...
  13. R

    gambling ppc: google corporation penalize sites?

    Hi everyone, I'm making this post because I have a problem sponsoring gambling. we finally managed to obtain the social casino license. We did the warm up correctly, I changed the KW 1/2 per day from white to money, we did the redirect but after 3/4 days Google Corporation still arrived (we can...
  14. kevincrashout

    Affiliate program for Youtubers & Streamers

    CrashOut,io is an online casino and is looking for content creators to partner with and shares 50% of the profits through the affiliate program. If you have many followers and want to start monetizing your audience, it might be a good opportunity! No need to have prior experience on the niche.
  15. F

    Bing Keywords Getting Disapproved

    Hi everyone, I have a Bing ads account in Gambling sphere, and it has been working for some time. But there is a problem that the keywords are getting disapproved constantly with online gambling, though the account works. Everytime I remove the keywords, and add them again. Usually there is...
  16. A

    I need advices from SEO gambing expert

    I optimized website speed, content, On - Off page and my website is ranking 5-6. But i can not get to rank 1. And i've got some website that rank 1, i also maintain good backlinks and content but it still dropped in rankings. As the title says, please give me some advices.
  17. O

    Aged Domain Or Expired Domain

    Hello guys i want to ask which one is better for seo ranking at slot or casino on indonesia market, and what niche domain best for ranking at that niche like news,shopping,computer and another. and anyone know what tools can check our content is best for ranking or no ? like EEAT content i'm...
  18. C

    Looking for casino/sports betting traffic!

    Hey guys! Looking for casino and sports betting traffic :) We accept many different geos and traffic sources & we work on CPA, RS and Hybrid models. DM me for more details
  19. Ruly_

    Sports betting affiliates?

    Anybody know of any good sports betting affiliates preferably football (soccer) Any advice on how to get accepted without a website?
  20. saibaaaaa

    Facebook Gambling Unoptimized.

    On the First New Traffic Ad Set got 1,4k clicks and on the third New Traffic Ad Set got 2k clicks. But from both ads, Barely any registered members on client's gambling website. Ads lead to Whatsapp Messages (Most used chatting platform on the country) and Landing Pages. Any suggestion on how...
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