1. DuckingOutstanding

    PayPal Gets B**** Slapped By The FTC

    The flagrant disregard for reasonable disclosure procedures in terms of transaction privacy and funds holds for "investigation", and the practice of sending misleading emails stating that customers "had funds available in their account" that were "available to transfer to their bank accounts"...
  2. B


    http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-google-skewed-search-results-1426793553 "In a lengthy investigation, staffers in the FTC?s bureau of competition found evidence that Google boosted its own services for shopping, travel and local businesses by altering its ranking criteria and ?scraping...
  3. J

    Do Youtube Videos need a FTC disclosure?

    Do you need a FTC affiliate payment disclosure notice in your stand-alone youtube videos - As you do on, say, a blog site/page? If so, where? in video or in notes? Is a crackdown likely - either by the FTC or the Youtube/Google machine?
  4. I

    New FTC Rules In Effect... What To Do

    Hey everyone, The new FTC rules will be in effect as of Dec 1. How's this going to affect CPA offers? Do we have to state that we earn commissions on PPV ads? Perhaps we may have to use landing pages with disclaimers for CPA. Any thoughts?
  5. blackma

    New FTC Regulations -What you need to know!

    Comply!! Video i was going to post was removed. Well this is embarrassing! :o
  6. peter2002

    FTC Modified Their Guidelines - NO $11,000 FINE ANY MORE

    Hi everyone, Below you'll find a quote from FTC's newest guideline. The $11,000 fine was deleted. "That $11,000 fine is not true. Worst-case scenario, someone receives a warning, refuses to comply, followed by a serious product defect; we would institute a proceeding with a cease-and-desist...
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