fresh content

  1. qwertzui11

    Random content section for SEO, to keepeing it "fresh"

    I have an ecommerce site, that has some ranking product-category pages them are hardly ever refreshes. How can I keep it "fresh" and updated in the eyes of google? There is no new product in the category, and never will be. Just imagine some iphone 8 cases, in a category. There wont be new...
  2. dragon77


  3. P

    [Method] how to change Month/year or any post variable in hundreds of articles

    Hey All, Let's say you are inserting month/year are any variable which needs to be changed as time go. For example, I have built content on SEO in 2019 which will become absolute in year 2020 since no will be interested to read SEO article which focused for year 2019 in the year of 2020. You...
  4. clickwhale

    Rotate/change content = serp boost? Automate it? (aka, fresh content SEO)

    Hey Guys, A lot of top rankling pages (affiliates, not authority sites) update their on-page content during, say the new year, summer, etc. They update some of their content, their page title (e.g. Blah blah UPDATED OCT 2017). I'm thinking of automating this with a plugin that will...
  5. kabe

    Content,Traffic and Search Results Go Hand in Hand

    Hey People, Here are some thoughts of mine I compiled together for an Effective Content Writing. I see people here who do real deal SEO but end up settling down for an average content and then complain on no boost in SERP or can't pass their competitors! Hope this thread helps you pen down...
  6. EnlightenedOne

    Simple method I use to get fresh relevant content on my blog. Newb friendly.

    Short of it: I "feature" videos in my niche on my blog (linking back to author of course) and instead of "reviewing" the video or whatever, I just type out the transcript. It's really that simple: I have a website about purple dinosaurs. I search youtube for "purple dinosaur". I watch videos...
  7. B

    Re-cache my homepage daily/2 days

    Hi, i have a static site, not a blog, so it's not updating. As a result my homepage is "refreshed" in google index once a week, maybe more than that, ~ 10 days. I want to put a blog on it, like and make it an autoblog, to post 2-3 posts a day to be "fresh" in the eyes of google...
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