freelance developer

  1. B

    MQL5 programmer needed!

    Hi, I am looking for someone with programming experience using MetaQuotes Language 5. If you are not experienced enough with MQL5 but are experienced in programming, we can still talk. I will probably need a demo from you to verify if you can commit to this, as I may need you from time to...
  2. rareunicorn

    Ideas for Portfolio Projects

    I am a Django Developer planning to become a Full time Freelance Developer. So I want to build some portfolio projects for getting clients . I am confused with what to build. Throw some ideas for my Portfolio project ;)
  3. rajputt65

    Looking for Cheap and Best Wordpress Developer for Micro Niche Sites.

    Hey all, I'm looking for wordrpress developer for custom micro-niche sites with the download intent i.e games, apps. softwares etc. Sites should be clean and light for fast loading. Please quote me the rates and times by doing PM me. Domains and hosting will be my concern. Thanks.
  4. thump226

    Need php developer asap

    need php programmer for a SaaS i have. it needs updates and a few tweeks. Its a Facebook automation tool looking to start as soon as possible... payments by paypal pm me
  5. Nio

    i need mlm Developer for mlm board cycle plan software

    I need mlm Developer who has good knowledge of mlm board cycle plan. I have urgent project that needs freelance developer. Reply me thank
  6. W

    [QUESTION] Lead Generation for Digital Service Agency

    Can anyone help me with lead generation for web design, development and website seo leads ? I am really good at Web Development & SEO. I have no idea about lead gen.If you do lead generation maybe we can work together. Or else can you suggest me some good methods ?
  7. R

    WTH PHP Expert familiar with Clickbank

    I need a database, list or whatever created with my clickbank affiliate id's each with their own unique identifier. Example: cbaffi:joecash unique indentifier:1234567 cbaffi:marymoney unique identifier:8910111213 Then a script created that will capture the cbaffi parameter that is being...
  8. B

    I need a Wordpress PHP developer to add features to my website (immediatly)

    Hi there, I need the below jobs to be done asap within one week, CMS : Wordpress; Theme : Noo - Jobmonster 1. Register form to include First Name and Last name fields 2. Generate PDF button for Resumes (It should have all the fields from Candidate with a gud look) 3. Resume downloads needs to...
  9. Q

    Looking for uBot Developer - ASAP!

    Need help to build and a uBot program to automate some data entry on some enterprise software I use. Major steps are ... 1. Login & navigate to module 2. Enter data in multiple data fields on web form (from load spreadsheet on shared folder) 3. Save record & capture screen shot (save to shared...
  10. W

    White hat SEO for a Hi there, I need seo required for a small car rentCar Rental Website

    Hi there, I need seo required for a small car rental agency (2 websites: 1 with English content and the other with Romanian content, for & The domains are 11 years old with Pr 4. Also, need someone to create mobile-friendly pages for these 2 websites and to optimise...
  11. D

    Looking to hire web designer/developer with solid SEO skill for blog/affiliate website

    I am already hosted through Bluehost and just had my domain and sub domain deleted by their f'ed up support team..I spent alot of time building my site with solid content in a good niche, a niche that I actually enjoy and am knowledgeable in. I had just set up a sub-domain to focus solely on...
  12. A

    Need a coder/programmers. Full time and even more.

    Hello, I am starting a new company up and looking for someone who master this type of coding. One of the biggest part of the job is to develop social media bots, we have all the ideas and will need new bots regulary. You will also be a part of the whole process of running the bots. In the...
  13. Black.Star

    Simple Shell Scripting Tasks!

    Hello BHW, I am looking for someone who is proficient in making Shell Scripts. Over the next few weeks I have a few rather simple tasks from my University. (compared to real world scripts at least.) This is for a beginner shell scripting course where I have to solve biweekly assignments...
  14. P

    I need elance account

    HI, Anyone has elance account which has 5 star rating and have done more than 40+ jobs?
  15. X

    odesk Account related information needed

    Hi BHWers, I am going to make a contract with a company with alot of Programming professionals from Android, IOS to PHP Programing, Desktop Apps. They have a steady revenue from some of their clients. They are now working to expand more and has offered me a contract to provide them projects...
  16. M

    help to build adult tube site

    I can pay U$ 15 for someone to build for me a good looking ADULT tube site. interested pm me
  17. MMnemonic

    Seeking PHP Developer to assist me on Skype Meetings (Paid hourly- long term)

    Hello all, First of all I'll present myself: I'm a portuguese guy living in London that has a successful company for Front End Web Development Services. My company develops responsive websites and web apps. I have a development team distributed through India, Pakistan and the Philippines. I...
  18. MMnemonic

    40$ for 15 minutes (front end dev guru needed)

    I am a simple flash freelance developer. I can do websites and simple animations. I know HTML and CSS and I use some Jquery plugins that I edit. This week I was able to get a very nice front end project. Just some photoshop/illustrator design, HTML/CSS/Javascript(Jquery) The project has...
  19. S

    Magic Submitter Expert wanted

    I need someone who is familiar with www dot magic submitter dot com. I need a list of 150 video sites to be added to the programme. Persons who are familiar with the programme only are required to get in touch. This is ongoing yearly work. I will need a list of press release sites...
  20. jagreen78

    [HELP] Need minor custom code for WP Theme

    I have a video blog layout and need a small customization done on how the videos/content is showing Should be a 1-2 hr job if you know PHP and WP site:
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