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  1. Mayocheesecake

    2 x 1000 word articles and 2x 2000 word articles

    Looking for an article writer who can produce two 1000-word articles and two 2000-word articles in the next three days (sooner the better). If the articles are quality, we would possibly do business on a weekly basis. I'm looking for an English-speaking writer who can create articles that flow...
  2. R

    What Are The Ways Of Earning In 2021?

    What are the ways of earning online in 2021? And some methods of doing it would be appreciated? I'm looking for new ways to earn money and fast money as I'm a student so my only income would b earning online, so kindly please tell me some ways, methods or anything that would help.
  3. AllyBarns

    [Journey] $500 from freelance content writing.

    Hello friends. This is my second journey. My first journey was small and achieved in a short span of time after joining BHW. This time I set a milestone of earning the first $500 from freelance content writing. I am hoping to achieve this within 2 months, but let's see. I have a portfolio...
  4. Miqdaddy

    Need someone to write a 3500 word Research paper on Microsoft

    If you can get this done in 2 days then PM for details. $100 (Negotiable)
  5. armur

    Seduce Your Readers With Top Quality Content. Make Them Keep Coming Back For More...

    Hello BHW, My name is Arjun and I've been running a creative content agency for the past two years. I'm also a crazy football (soccer) fan. In case you're wondering why I'm talking about my love of sports over here in a sales thread, well, it's because I've structured my agency just like a...
  6. Pro-Hustler

    Best community for content writers?

    As we know, freelance communities are on another level of chaos these days. Making it much difficult for new people to rise as those with reputation, bashes orders. Is there any site worth the try for content writers in your opinion?
  7. Stillsand

    Looking for my place under the sun

    Hello World Freelancing at this moment looking for internet freelancing job and finding my spot under the sun. I am ready to share my experience and help other people. In attachment is my resume.
  8. C

    Any idea about this site ?

    i was looking for some digital marketing services,suddenly i found this site call i see they have some good digital marketing services.any comments about that?
  9. J

    Looking for an article writer and PR

    I'm looking for a article writer (fluent English) with experience of writing and posting to quora and similar high-authority sites. You should be able to show me: - previous experience posting valued answers on quora (and other simlilar platforms); - previous experience working with multiple...
  10. M

    How I got my first sales on Zeerk and you can too:

    Here are some of the ways I managed to get my first sales on my logo design gig in just a few days after joining Zeerk. #1 Go on forums where customers may be hanging out. Leave you link in the signature. #2 Sign up for twitter, and find tweets wanting your service. Tweet them your link. #3...
  11. L

    Freelance content writers wanted!

    Hello, I am searching for freelance content writers to write articles of various lengths and subjects. All of the articles are to be written in British English and should meet the guidelines which accompany each set of articles. An excellent level of English is a must! Applicants must be...
  12. S

    How does one go about getting more clients without having a website?

    Hi BHW members, Can anyone help me with tips for getting more clients even when I do not own a website? Thing is I am not after getting just any client. I am after getting clients who buy articles regularly. I have a number of clients who buy articles on a monthly basis. While the pay I get...
  13. calebmann

    How to GUARANTEE any article writing job on Elance

    This is how you can get ANY article writing job on elance dot com, it will probably work with other sites to but this is the one that i do it on. This will work even if your total earnings and jobs equal 0, it will get you known on elance very very fast, The method itself involves giving them...
  14. rocket

    Need advanced article spinner (human not software)

    I need someone who can provide ongoing advanced article spinning. I'm not talking about replacing word for word. I'm talking about spinning sentence count, word count, html, ect.. I dont' care if you use software for what you need to, like the Best Spinner, but the important factors such as HTML...
  15. N

    Looking for skilled article writer

    Looking for a skilled article writer who can provide me with daily content on diverse topics. Pay reasonable and made every 2 weeks. You'll need a paypal account to receive funds. Articles need to be original, passing copyscape. You must be able to deliver 5 articles a day, 5 days a week. If...
  16. J

    Need Articles That Don't Butcher The English Language?

    Hey all, I can understand why people buy low-quality cheap articles for certain marketing purposes, but I mean...what is your CTR going to be if your article looks like this: "What some people would not be brought about to do others would show that they have no problems doing if they would...
  17. H

    Quality Article Writing from $2 per Article

    Hello Everyone, I would like to offer you my article writing service. For more details and examples of my work, I have created a blog just for you guys at, Article Writing Individual article - $4 10 articles - $35 25 articles - $75 50...
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