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  1. GainTheImpossible

    (DAILY UPDATES) Free Low Competition Keywords For Everyone!

    Hi! You know the drill(If not, follow me). Keyword: why do people like their own posts Allintitle results: 42 Search Volume: 350 KGR(?): Yes. How to monetize: SMM related stuff(?) Could find more! Difficulty (By Ahrefs): 1 CPC: N/A(ZERO) This thread will be updated daily(as long as I...
  2. crossline

    [Free] New List of 40+ .Org domains Backlinks | Update 2020

    All backlinks are profile backlinks. So you need to sign up first, then you can put links on the profile. Read My thread below, full guides, what you should know before start buy some backlinks. which one you should buy, which one is the best and which one most powerful, don't waste your...
  3. Zwielicht

    Zwielicht's Marketplace Surplus Giveaway

    Over $2,216 In Products Given Away So Far Value Calculated Based On The Prices In The Sales Threads Before I begin, I would like to clarify that this is not a BHW-sponsored post or an official BHW giveaway. I'm hosting this freebies thread as a member of the forum to give away stuff I've...
  4. BlackShield

    [GIVEAWAY] Get top 5 keywords of your page

    Hello BHW buddies, I am giving away the top 5 trendy keywords which your page should rank for. You can ask keywords for the homepage or inner pages. Please PM me the URL of your page and comment here as PM sent. Regards, BlackShield
  5. jackteam

    [Free Giveaway] Free Keywords Available

    Hello BHW Members, We think, no need an infographic for this thread. We have planned to provide 3 Keywords for three authority BHW members(To get Reviews again). All are Buyer Intent keywords(Suitable for Product Review websites). Keyword-1: Keyword Starts with "Best" and Ends with...
  6. X

    QuestionForge - Uncover 1000s of Hidden, Targeted Keywords Your Competitors DON'T Know About

    To Grab QuestionForge Standard for Free, CLICK HERE. To Unlock the Full Potential of QuestionForge, Grab Your PRO License HERE before the price goes up*. *Price is subject to rise without notice, and WILL rise as new PRO features are added (more keyword sources, different Regions, etc.) If...
  7. 80085

    Free Keyword Research For a Few Lucky BHW members

    Hey everyone, I'm feeling a bit generous today and just want to give away some freebies. I have been perfecting my keyword research techniques lately and in doing so I have been able to sell this service to my clients for quite a bit, but more importantly, I have been able to see drastic results...
  8. thetrustedzone

    Teknife Keyword Scraper | All Languages Supported| 7 Days Free Trial

    Dear Colleagues As some of you know , I'm keywords seller on BHW from 2012 ..., but instead of giving you a fish i decide to give you my hook (or one of my hooks tbh) . Introducing Teknife Keyword Scraper : - Supports All languages : English , Chinese , Russian , Arabic , French ...
  9. Visit

    [Giveaway] Giving Away 5000+ EASY Rank Longtail Keywords

    So there are zillions of niches out there, and I'm about to give 30 people free keyword research of my choosing - enough to last them the rest of their SEO careers (I mean 5000 long-tail keywords is a lot right?). FIRST COME FIRST SERVE 30 PEOPLE You can be a newb to a moderator, anyone...
  10. ardley216

    [FREE] Insanely EASY Keywords By Ardley216 - Professional Keyword Service

    MOD EDIT: Per the OP's request, this freebie/giveaway offer has now expired and I am now closing this thread. ███[FREE] Easiest Keywords ever ███ ███ By Ardley216 - Genuine Keyword Research Professional ███ Hey BHW, I am here to offer you another...
  11. fullyniche

    [Freebie] Earn extra $100- 1000 from Micro Niche Keywords By Keyword Spot

    Hello BHW Members, Thanks for your Huge response for my old giveaway threads (Keywords Research). Very nice experience with you guys. Still I am giving keywords from old giveaways threads as well. So, now you guys get Modern Version Micro Niche Keywords Research from us. Everyone is welcome...
  12. Andres1986

    [GIVEAWAY] Get a FREE Keyword! Everyone allowed! By Elite Keywords

    Elite Keywords Giveaway Get a FREE keyword from BHW's #1 keywords provider If you've been around the forum for the last 2 years you've probably saw or read about my keyword research service BST: ★★ Elite Keywords ★★ - Professional Keyword Research - NEW PACKAGES - Starting at $8! I've...
  13. john franky

    [FREE + FREE]: 500 Word Article from John + Stupidly Easy Keyword By ARDLEY 216 -for ALL

    Hello Dark World, Here comes the Ever Ever Freebie in BHW. The Giveaway that you were dream about, expecting someday it will come true. 500 Word Ultra Quality Article from some of the World's Best Word Players Accompanied With ONE Stupidly Easy Keyword to rank and bank from BHW's Best...
  14. nihalsad

    [Giveaway] Micro Niche Keywords - Exclusive package from Elite Keywords!

    Hi there, I will give you some excellent Micro Niche Keywords in other words the Bronze package of the Elite Keywords service. After several successful giveaways and upon popular request my exclusive giveaway returns! Don't miss out this time. Just leave a comment. First come first...
  15. nihalsad

    [Giveaway] Micro Niche Keywords - Exclusive package from Elite Keywords!

    Hi there, I will give you some excellent Micro Niche Keywords in other words the Bronze package of the Elite Keywords service. Just leave a comment. First come first served. Around 1000 EXACT local USA searches per month Over $1.00 Avg. CPC Weak competition in google top 10. In...
  16. Andres1986

    [ONGOING FREEBIES] Elite Keywords Giveaway - No Cost Keyword Research

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/06/2014 ---- Hello guys, It's time to give back, and you know what that means... That's rigght: new giveaway, but this time we'll take it up one notch. As several of you know, I run a keyword research service here with 2 years in business. The BST link is...
  17. williamk

    [GET] Keywords with Local USA Exact 1000+, High Adwords Competition & EMD Available!

    Hey guys, I have some good keywords in my database and I would like to share it with you guys. The keyword should have: Global Monthly Searches > 1000 Local Monthly Searches > 1000 Approximate CPC > $0.5 Adwords Competition = High Only (Which means there's a lot of advertisers bidding on the...
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