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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Andres1986, Jun 6, 2014.

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    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/06/2014 ----
    Hello guys,

    It's time to give back, and you know what that means... That's rigght: new giveaway, but this time we'll take it up one notch.

    As several of you know, I run a keyword research service here with 2 years in business. The BST link is: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...amazon-keywords-micro-niche-keywords-8-a.html

    To start with, I will give away for FREE 10 packages to 10 members. One package per member. The packages you'll be able to pick from are:

    - Micro Niche Package (with EMD available)
    - Amazon Package (with EMD available)
    - CPA Package (with EMD available)
    - Clickbank Package (with EMD available)

    You would be getting the standard package; that is, with no upgrades. Again, you can check the details of each package by following my keyword research BST's link mentioned above.

    This will be an ONGOING givewaway guys, which might be temporarily put on halt depending on my workload at any given time (hey, I love this forum and I love to giveback, but a man's got to eat too ;) ). After this initial batch of 10 packages is cleared, I'll announce if I'll immediately open 10 more spots for 10 more free packages or close the thread until I'm ready to do a new giveaway a few days later. Either case, make sure to ALWAYS check the last post in this thread to see if a new giveaway is about to start.

    Now, as with every giveway, there's certain rules that need to be set to make it fair game for all parts involved:

    1- Who can benefit from this giveway?

    To be able to participate, you need to:

    - have at least 10 posts and a minimum of one month old membership in the forum.
    - have at least 1 positive iTrader feedback as a BUYER.

    Why this?

    The first item is pretty self explanatory. This is a way to giveback to the forum, and part of what makes BHW great are active members and their contributions. Hence, I want to make sure you've been around at least some time and that you have had some activity to know you are not just a lurker who created an account only to try to get this or other freebies from the forum.

    Regarding the second item, this something to make sure you'll actually do something with the keywords. Let me explain: even if you take upon your own hands content creation, backlinking and any other task required to set up a site, you'll still need money for hosting and domain. By having iTrader feedback as a buyer, I can at least conclude you are actually willing to invest and take action (if you've done it in the past, its more likely you'll do it again in the future) on the keywords I'll provide and that you are not just a freeloader wanting to claim freebies just because you saw it first, without any intention whatsoever on making something useful out of it. That wouldn't be fair for members who would have actually be willing to put down work and some money in developing a site from the free keywords, but that just happened to spot the thread a little too late.

    2- How do you claim your free package?

    You just need to POST in this thread (no need to PM). The first members that post and meet the above criteria will receive a PM with instructions on how to claim their package and will get it within 48 business hours. First come first serve.

    3- What do you need to do AFTER getting the free keywords?

    In order to secure full property rights on the free keywords you'll get, I'll ask you to post a short review at my keyword research BST (link provided above) once you have received your freebie package.

    4- How many times can you benefit from the giveaway?

    To make it fair for all, you can only participate one time. That is: once you have benefited from one of the giveaways, you can't participate in the subsequent ones.

    Alright, time to get this rolling!
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