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Aug 31, 2013
Over $2,216 In Products Given Away So Far
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Before I begin, I would like to clarify that this is not a BHW-sponsored post or an official BHW giveaway. I'm hosting this freebies thread as a member of the forum to give away stuff I've received from approving marketplace services.

The recent pandemic and current world events have affected every single one of us here on Black Hat World. This giveaway is something I've been meaning to do for over a year now, but given the current situation, I figured it was imperative to do it now to help out my fellow BHW members.

I'll be updating the list below when I get a chance and periodically closing the giveaway to update the list or to give myself time to reply to members. As with all giveaway threads, this one is first come, first serve; so the first member to ask for anything in the list below gets it.

Please Read Before Participating
  • Articles: The handwritten articles should be decently written (i.e., minimal spelling and grammar errors). However, there is always a chance I may have accidentally included an article from a rejected BST. If you receive anything like this, I'm sorry.
  • Accounts: There is a chance the marketplace sellers I've received them from decided to be cheeky by reclaiming them after the review. If you end up receiving an account like this, there's not much I can do about it since I'm listing everything here as I go through what I've received (and some of this was received a while ago). In some cases, these may require verification codes. What I send you is all I have, so if you don't receive a recovery email with the accounts, nothing can be done. Also, remember to change the passwords and security information upon receiving them.
  • Private Messages: After posting in this thread, I will PM you with the details. Please do not bombard my inbox asking me for free stuff, especially if it's not listed below. For those of you who are unaware, I'm currently working through the backlog in the marketplace, so I will not tolerate PMs that rush me in any way.
  • All Taken
  • All Taken.

  • All Taken
Minimum Requirements
  • 100 posts
  • 6 months on the forum.
  • 50 likes minimum.
  • No active infractions.
One line item per person. Each member may participate once per giveaway session. For those of you wishing to participate multiple times, please allow other members the opportunity to claim any of the listed items before you.

Requirements may change every giveaway session.
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Count me in for :
X1 verified pornhub account
Edit :since @Heiko was first, im in for the redtube account
Interested in - x6 AI-Generated Home & Family Niche Articles of Varying Quality.
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