free hosting

  1. ICT Lover

    Free Web Hosting for all

    I think this is good for small / new bloggers to get a kick start 5GB Nvme Storage Unlimited Bandwidth 1 Cpu Core 1GB ram 1 Domain Subdomain Database Unlimited Free SSL FREE HOSTING CLICK HERE [Don't ask for likes]
  2. aamiramin

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Short Intro: Learn how to create a free WordPress site and get free hosting with this comprehensive guide for beginners. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips for optimizing your site for...
  3. Billy Batts


    What is up my Naga's?! (chill, it's a referral to a World of Warcraft race) Billy Batts in the house once again! I often read a thread where people asking for free hosting and domain name. Before my absence a couple years ago I was actually in the process of writing such tutorial involving...
  4. Thunder Digitals

    [Method] How to get Free Hosting for your website

    Hi, I will be pretty straightforward about how you can get free hosting with Netlify for your website. First of all, you need to install WordPress locally on your computer. I would recommend bitnami for this Download and install WordPress. (It will take a...
  5. P

    Does Free Offshore Hosting Exist?

    I want to start a movies website and was looking for free offshore hosting. Need suggestions for it. I have heard Hostinger is offshore.
  6. AnimeshBhatt

    What is the best Free Web hosting?

    I am looking for some best free web hostings which can allow: 1. My personal domain 2. Good Bandwidth and storage 3. Free SSL 4. Easily host WP websites
  7. M

    Namecheap give us a 1 month Free Hosting

    Namecheap give us a one month free hosting. Its Easy WP pack. Grab it now. You can get whichever pack you want for 1 month free. Here is my affiliate link: Original Link: EasyWP is the true, affordable, Managed...
  8. Rachmaninoff

    [GUIDE] Get DR85 Do-Follow Link from

    Are you looking for a link opportunity to diversify your link profile? Are you looking for a parasite to bring you a decent traffic to your moneysite/apps? Are you on a tight budget and looking for a free hosting for a static page, or perhaps to host your CPA landing pages? Would you like to...
  9. samizle

    Top 11 Free Web Hosting With Mysql, Cpanel, And No-Ads!

    Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate with none of these despite the fact that some of them, if not all, offer an affiliate program. Hello, Here is a list of the top 11 free web hosting services; Infinityfree Unlimited 000webhost 10,000MB 1,000MB Freehosting Unlimited 10,000MB OHosti Unlimited...
  10. vigyavan

    [90% OFF COUPON] Shared Hosting - $1.99/Year

    It's a one time discount, If you go for basic then the plan will become $1.99/year but if want premium then only $8 off from 1st month Cheap hosting for year, Good for starter sites. Not so bad! :) Shared Hosting for $1.99 / Yr (Limited Stocks Available) Link...
  11. F

    Free WebHosting

    Hi, I'm looking for some free hosting for commercial projects, I need to create it for building backlinks. Do you have any good resources?
  12. Rikabu

    Get free Hosting upto 10GB

    Hi guys, lately I have been not active much as my offline projects consumes more time and care; and recently I got this share and think it would be much useful for BHWers as this can be used for many side projects or can be used for practice purposes for newbies Let's the topic, Go...
  13. FlipDime

    [Free Lifetime Hosting] Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains

    I found this offer on another forum and checked that it hasn't been shared here. So, here are the steps to get free hosting for life. 1. Visit (not affiliated in anyway) 2. Choose the highest plan (Axxe Business) worth $25 3. Enter a domain name you want...
  14. IM Dude

    [Free] Web hosting from Xsltel

    Get it here --> Details: Free cPanel hosting Lite package features : 5GiB SSD Space 50GiB Bandwidth 25 Outgoing emails per hour Unlimited Domains Unlimited cPanel features (MySQL Databases, Email Forwarders, Email...
  15. Nw_Work

    How to create multiple biz nf accounts?(Wordpress experts advice pls)

    As you may know the above service allows you to get free hosting plus subdomain name of, so I already have an account but a friend of mine wants me to make them a website using free domain of but I tried signing up using vpn and also different browser with the friend's details but...
  16. prey24


    First for we have to get a .com domain 1. Visit - 2. Search domain and select .com for 1 year 3. During checkout apply: Coupon: 19NPDEEUR 4. Get a domain in less than $1 Screenshot: Now for hosting Go to - Screenshot -...
  17. Icey Dan

    [HOW TO] Quickly Host Any Content Locker Or Landing Page 100% FREE Using GitHub Pages

    Hey guys! I was going to make a big long text post explaining how to do this because I think it will really help out a lot of people - but then I figured it was easier just to record a video explaining it all. This is how you can quickly host any content locker or landing page in minutes (SSL...
  18. IM Dude

    [FREE] Web Hosting with Free SSL by DTS-NET

    1GB storage Unlimited Websites 1GB bandwidth I am not affiliated with this.
  19. M

    Free landing pages

    Members I have tried to google but failed to get where to create a free landing page. So guys I need your suggestions you have used.
  20. Shropdog

    a free website, hosting and connect your own domain for free

    It's probably a long shot, but who offer a say a free website builder and hosting that you can connect your own domain too? I know platforms like wix and wordpress have free options, but you have to use their sub-domains for free services ( which is how they make money i appreciate that ), but...
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