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Nov 4, 2013
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Hi guys, lately I have been not active much as my offline projects consumes more time and care; and recently I got this share and think it would be much useful for BHWers as this can be used for many side projects or can be used for practice purposes for newbies

Let's the topic,

Go to, and select a unique project name, if thinking of using as web 2.0, or for any parasite projects

Then if you have any domain name, you can link that on hosting tab, there you can find you get 10GB space, that's it

If this is shared before, pls don't attack me

Thanks, have a nice day :)
this won't work with php cms websites like wordpress
There are two limitations -
1)Free tier allows only-
GB transferred
360 MB/day
Use cdn and proper cache to avoid getting charged

2)WordPress requires PHP to run on the server and Firebase Hosting can't run server-side code (no PHP) but only static content (html, images, js, etc). So the answer is, you can't install WordPress in the Firebase Hosting.

You can't install the dynamic version of Wordpress. Instead, you can create a static version of Wordpress using a plugin called Simply Static. Check it here:

It will export your site to html so the server won't need to support PHP or any database. It's great to use in simple websites that don't need to be updated frequently.
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